Effective Tips To Curb Stress & Anxiety During WFH

According to a recent study, 9 out of 10 workers reported some level of stress and anxiety while WFH amid COVID-19. Willis Towers who conducted this study mentioned that physical health and safety are not the only concerns of employees across the globe as a majority reported stress, distraction, and even financial worries.

Needless to mention, technological advances are truly helping employees to carry out their duties efficiently. That is why more and more employers are relying on HR software in India. But not many are taking appropriate measures to safeguard the physical health of their employees.

Despite all the physical and mental challenges, every employee tries to give his or her best to the organization. In that case, it is the duty of both HR managers and employers to have a tab on their mental stability. Even on normal days, many employees find it hard to focus on their work. Then how can someone expect an employee to be his or her most productive self when he or she is experiencing a mixture of stress, anxiety, and fear.

So, to protect employees from anxiety and stress during this challenging time, here are some measures HR managers can encourage them to practice:

Acknowledging The Impact

Now, every employee is slowly realizing that WFH is more challenging than it ever seemed. The transition is really difficult as a home is filled with numerous distractions a person doesn’t encounter at the workplace, particularly if he or she lives with the family.

Distractions at home make people irritated, thus dropping down productivity. Hence, this is not the right time to expect 100% perfection. HR managers should talk to employees and give them some time to adjust to this new normal. Help them to figure out their schedule and strategies to work effectively from home. Furthermore, encourage them to involve in exercises and meditations to acquire peace of mind.

Building A Routine

Ask every employee to create a routine. Now, there are numerous factors beyond one’s personal control but sticking to a schedule will help an employee to exert some control and normalize the whole situation.

A schedule will ultimately help employees to get up at a proper time, get dressed, and carry out their tasks systematically.

At the same time, ask them to not be too rigid. If possible, help them to create a constructive schedule including necessary breaks.

This will not just allow employees to acquire flexibility in their work but also their personal lives.

Managing Information Consumption

Remember, constant and excessive news intake can elevate a person’s anxiety and stress level, too.

It is important to be well-informed but one doesn’t need to imbibe each and every breaking news report. It just stirs anxiety, making people less attentive as well as productive.

As an HR manager one can advise employees to consider watching a half-hour of news in the morning and then go through a news website in the afternoon. This way, employees will have a tab on things happening around them, and at the same time, they won’t be depressed by watching scary headlines all throughout the day.

Streamlining Functions

Companies need to acknowledge and understand that this is not a normal time. It is easy to pretend that things are going as usual. But from home, it is actually complicated to carry out tasks accurately, and thus adjustments should be made to help employees.

HR managers should work with their teams and identify important areas to focus on. If employees require tools/software, then they should be provided with the same. In the present time, it is really easy to buy comprehensive HRMS software. Just type “HR software in India” and one can get a list of the best HRMS software available in the market.

Considering the aforementioned tips, support your employees to combat their anxiety and build a positive mind. Lastly, do not forget to purchase one of the best HR software in India to make the whole process more efficient.

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