Major Differences Between Eastern And Western Culture

As we all know, the earth is a massive collection of living beings that are maintaining are striving to maintain a balance in their life cycles. Humans are known to be the most intelligent creatures in the world.

Talking about eastern and western cultures, both cultures hold their values and moralities that make them different from each other.

You might belong to any one of them, but always remember that the cultures’ diversity only makes the earth such a lovely place to live.

If you want to know what are the significant differences between the eastern and western cultures, go through the points mentioned below –

  • Culture and tradition

Common religions followed by the people by Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, or Islam. The religious beliefs followed by eastern people are relatively rigid, and they do not allow much controversy in terms of the views.

On the other hand, western people follow Judaism, Christianity, and Islam mostly. Most of them are open about their beliefs. They are free to talk about these matters and are free to express their feelings.

  • Attire and greet

The eastern people are a little more traditional and aesthetic in terms of dressing and greeting people. Western people usually dress in a modern way, whereas eastern people wear beautiful attires like saree and kurta, which adds to their grace.

Western people have got their way of dressing which is relatively modern and voguish. Not only eastern people but people all over the globe have adopted the dressing codes of western people.

Even language translation is not a very used practice in the east like that in the west.

  • Work cultures

Western people are more into creating new things and exploring random ways, which can add to their creativity and innovation. They try many new things and ideas that make them the creator of fascinating things that are trending in the market.

Eastern people usually believe that hard work is the key to success. They work very hard to achieve their goals and generally follow the ideas innovated by the west. They focus on practice, which would shape them up, and that is the reason students in eastern parts are given lots of assignments and project work, which is going to help them carve their intelligence.

  • Supervision

In eastern countries, we have seen that elders and parents play a very crucial role in the lives of the new generations. Parents are the head of the family, and they usually decide the ultimatum for their kids. They seem to have the sole right to take major decisions on their behalf.

Sometimes the parents only decide what stream their child would pursue in their career, and even the whole family decides a prospective life partner for them.

In Western countries, parents are quite liberal, and teens can choose their way of studying or achieving a goal. They are not dumped with any decision. Even they are quite open about marriages.

It is known that live-in relationships are quite familiar in the west part but taken quite as a crime in the east as they firmly believe in arranged marriages.

  • Economy

The economy is a more incredible deal in western parts where we have seen that people there are leading quite a luxury life compared to the east. Even the roads, streets, buildings and heritages are maintained by the authority significantly, which shows that the economic condition is in good shape.

Not only that, but people are relatively disciplined and have a tendency to protect public property. They treasure their heritages and do not allow any nonsense with them. That is why the overall ambiance in the west seems to be a dream sequel.

But it is also true that their currency has a higher value than the eastern currencies.

In the eastern part, the economy is not in great shape as people lack the sense of understanding that they need to keep the public property in good condition. Moreover, a lot of corruption is involved in the entire system, leading to a crash in the economic graph.

  • Lifestyle

One can easily say that Western countries’ lifestyle is much better and superior compared to the eastern countries. The way they lead their daily life, dressing, food, working, commute, partying, everything seems to be in a better version than that of the east.

On the other hand, the eastern parts seem to have an average lifestyle where maximum people do not avail themselves luxury. A pervasive and straightforward way of life is led, which does not involve much expensive spending.

  • Technology

The newer technologies are mostly introduced in Western countries, and the whole world awaits their innovation and updates now and then.

The new phones, laptops, computers, and other smart devices are launched in the West and then drop-shipped to the east.

The western people are even better with science. From the technical field to the research of medicines and even studying about the universe, they have excelled at it.

Though eastern people are also great with science, they have discovered many scientific facts and figures in their history, yet technology is overpowered mostly by western culture.

  • Voice of opinion

Eastern people usually do not raise or establish their views or opinions as long as any controversial or universal topic is concerned. They try to speak and present a similar viewpoint, which is published by their chief.

Even presenting a personal opinion in public is not very welcomed in the east, and they go with the group opinion, whereas it is the opposite in the west.

The western people are allowed and are quite open about their viewpoint, and they can quickly raise their voice, which is a very standard practice among them.

Summing up, the first and foremost differences between the eastern and western cultures is that they are located in different sectors of the globe, and the weather is a lot more diverse.

But this does not sum up the issue. Both cultures have their notions, advantages, and disadvantages. You may like both of them in different sectors, but what is most important is being a good human above all the differences.

Despite the differences, both cultures make our world a storehouse of resources, innovation, tradition and ideas. We would not have been surviving in the smarter way if the cultures would not have amalgamated so perfectly. 

Where the eastern culture excels in tradition, the west exhibits its technological elevation.   

So keeping in mind that the differences are for good and it makes them stand upright with their own set of values, we must make good use of both for the sake of a better living of us and our next generation.

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