Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader Websites to Download Videos from Facebook

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Unlike YouTube which is a dedicated video platform where people can watch unlimited videos; Facebook is a social media platform designed mainly for people to communicate with each other. However, slowly and steadily, it has started allowing its 2 billion users to see interesting videos on different topics and genres that are worth watching, collecting, and sharing as well.

But despite Facebook’s versatility, it does not have the feature that offers you the opportunity to download your favorite video from the platform. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot save or download the video on your device. Yes! You heard it right; fortunately, there are some websites available on the Internet that offer such services.

And, to make it easier for you, we’ve below not only listed the name of top 5 ‘Facebook Video Downloader Websites’ but at the same time also mentioned the steps of each website about how to download a video using the particular website. Therefore, depending on your choice and requirement, you can use any of the given websites to download videos from Facebook and that too free of cost. So, what’re you waiting for! Let’s get started:


Steps to Download Video—

  • To start with the process, log in to your Facebook account and open the video that you want to download on your system.
  • Then, click right on it, in order to choose the ‘Show video URL’ option.
  • After that, highlight the link and press ‘Ctrl +C’ in order to copy the video URL.
  • Now, go to FBDOWN using the ‘’ link.
  • There, paste the video URL in the required field and click on the ‘Download’ option.
  • Then, you have to select the video quality from the pop-up options.
  • After choosing the video quality for the particular Facebook video, click right on it, and from the contextual menu, choose the ‘Save’ option to finally download the video on your device be it a computer or mobile phone.

• BitDownloader:

Steps to Download Video—

  • Play the video that you want to download, click right on it to choose the ‘Show video URL’ option from the contextual menu, and then simply copy the video URL.
  • Then, move on to open the BitDownloader using this link “” and there, in its search box that reads—‘Type the video link here,’ simply paste the Facebook video URL.
  • Now, to start the download process, click on the ‘Download’ button and choose the ‘Save’ option to finally save the Facebook video on your phone/computer.

• 4K Video Downloader:

Steps to Download Video—

  • To use it, you can either use its free-trial option or simply download it on your system from ‘’
  • After installing it on your computer/phone, go to Facebook and open the video that you wish to download.
  • Then, click right on the video and copy its URL.
  • Now, go back to 4KDownloader and paste the video URL in its search bar in order to initiate the download process.
  • Lastly, before saving the video on your computer/phone, choose its video quality and then click on ‘Save/download’ to finally save the particular Facebook video.

• FB video Saver:

Steps to Download Video—

  • Firstly, copy the link of the Facebook video that you want to download and then in another tab, open this link “” to direct yourself on the FB video Saver website.
  • There, paste the video link in the ‘Search Box’ which is at the top of the page.
  • Then, choose the ‘Download’ button.
  • After that, the website will change the particular Facebook video URLs into the ‘Download link’ and all you have to do is click on the same link to simply save the Facebook video on your mobile or on your computer.

• KeepVid. Pro:

Steps to Download Video—

  • In order to start the download process, go to this link “” from your web browser.
  • Simultaneously, open the video that you want to download in order to copy its link simply by highlighting the link and pressing the ‘Ctrl +C’ button.
  • Then, paste the video link in the download box on the ‘KeepVid. Pro’ site.
  • After that, click on the ‘Download’ button and then choose the video resolution as well as formats from the pop-up list of options.
  • Lastly, click right on the ‘Download’ button again and from the contextual menu select Download/Save’ option in order to finally download the particular Facebook video on your phone or to your computer.

That’s it! Though there are other sites as well that let you download Facebook videos but to be precise, these five are considered the top in the list to meet your requirements of downloading Facebook videos and you can also see the full guide to Facebook cover photo.

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