Does Your Child Need Enrichment Classes? Factors for Parents to Consider

Does Your Child Need Enrichment Classes? Factors for Parents to Consider

When it comes to education, parents always strive to have the best for their child so that they can develop to their full potential. This is why many parents are starting their search early for good enrichment classes to enrol their children. 

Today, it is becoming increasingly common for kids to attend enrichment classes during the weekends and even weekdays after schooling hours. However, as the ages of children enrolled in enrichment classes gets younger and younger, parents need to start asking themselves if they are becoming too ardent in signing their children up for such classes.

First of all, how do you decide if your child needs enrichment classes?

Pros of enrichment classes

Enrichment classes allow your child to be exposed to a wide variety of activities that they normally would not get to experience in school. For preschoolers, these classes can be essential to their learning development as their brains are still undergoing rapid growth at that age.

Through enrichment classes, children get to learn new skills and how to overcome possible challenges associated with learning.Their determination to complete their learning goals helps them to prepare for school life and any difficulties they may face in the future.

The Kumon Mathematics Programme and the Kumon English Programme are both excellent enrichment classes that can help your child to develop their social, cognitive and language skills so that they can get a head start and strong foundation for primary school.

Before signing your child up for enrichment classes, there are some important factors for you to consider:

  • What is your child’s interest?
    • Some children display talents and interests in certain areas. If your child enjoys learning a certain activity, it would be wise to provide the environment to nurture it. Conversely, if your child does not display excitement towards learning, it may be counterproductive for you to force them to attend classes as they are less likely to perform well in such situations.
  • What is the reason behind enrolling your child for classes?
    • Are you doing this for your child’s interest? Or are you looking for a way to occupy your children’s time while you are at work? If the reason is the latter, and your child has no interest in learning a specific topic, it might be best for you to put on hold your eagerness to sign them up for classes. Learning absorption rate is significantly reduced when children are forced into something they do not enjoy, and they are more likely to become frustrated and unhappy.
  • Does the class teaching style suit your child’s learning style?
    • Another factor to consider is whether the enrichment programme is on par with your child’s learning ability. Find out if learning through active play is encouraged in classes. A good enrichment programme should allow your child to connect, discover and engage with the subject both within and outside of the classroom. 

Ultimately, whether you decide to enrol your child in enrichment classes or not, do remember that enrichment classes are meant to nurture your child’s innate talents and interests. As a parent, you are responsible for giving your child experiences where they can feel confidence and enjoyment in. If your child is up for it, do your best to provide them with the right enrichment class that will cultivate their love for learning.

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