Do crystal water bottles have divine energy?

Many people are fascinated by the crystal water bottles today. Ever since people came to know about the so-called benefits of crystals people have become more curious about it.

There is no doubt that the finishing of these bottles is quite exquisite and looks great. But what is the fact behind a crystal water bottle even real?

Uncovering the myth behind crystal water bottles

Crystals have been known to many for a long time. And since its roots people have always been curious to know about these beautiful white-colored pieces of rock.

It is among the Egyptians that the first applications can be tracked back. According to the Egyptians, the crystals are no ordinary rocks. These rocks don’t even belong to the earth. They believed that these rocks have been transported to the Earth by supernatural creatures.

They believed that crystals thus contain some sort of divine energy in them. The rocks have some magical powers in them that can heal wounds or make us healthier and give us a mental piece.

The Egyptians used rub small pieces of crystals in a wounded place as they believed that they would heal faster.

What are crystal elixirs?

A crystal elixir is a crystal infused with water. The origin can once again be traced back to the Egyptian civilization when people believed that sucking water from the crystals would give them more physical and mental power and heal the spirits. It was considered to be a holy act.

Do crystal water bottles contain crystals in them?

Yes, a crystal water bottle has a long crystal bar that is attached to the bottom portion of the bottle. As the water inside the bottle is in direct contact with the crystal it is believed that this divine energy of the crystals is transferred into the water.

Drinking this water makes our mind filled with positive thoughts and increases our creativity. It also increases our psychological powers and inner conscience.

Now, how much of this is true?

To be frank this is a debatable issue. Many believe that such magical powers do indeed exist inside the crystal stones.

But looking at it from a logical and scientific point of view no such power has been identified. Many people believe that our gadgets and scientific instruments are not that high grades to measure this invisible power.

There are some important precautions to be taken when you drink from crystal water bottles.

What precautions should be taken?

If you happen to be a believer in the divine theory or just want to go ahead with the market trend then you can purchase one of these bottles. But you need to double-check on the quality of the crystals and make sure that they are harmless to you.

In many cases, if the crystals are not of that high quality they may dissolve in water. The rocks may contain harmful heavy metals or chemicals harmful to the human body.

The water infused with these harmful chemicals and heavy metals can be poisonous for our bodies. Drinking such water may cause gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and many other diseases caused by heavy metals like arsenic.

Where can you purchase a crystal water bottle?

You can purchase a crystal water bottle online. Many websites are selling these bottles on different price range. Make sure that the bottle you buy contains a truly high-grade quality of crystal to avoid severe health issues.  

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