Digitrac Tractor Model Price List With Specification

Digitrac Tractor Model Price List With Specification

Digitrac Tractor is India’s initial online tractor platform. It arrived in 2019 under the Escort Group.  These tractors of Digitrac are the best example of innovation and modernity. All the Digitrac tractors are packed with innovative features. Digitrac tractor range starts from 47 hp to 60 hp. These tractors provide a comfortable and safe ride.   

Digitrac tractor offers three attractive colours, DigiBlue, DigiBlack, DigiSilver. 

Digitrac Tractor Models in India

Top Digitrac tractor models are listed below with price & features.  

Digitrac PP 51i

PP 51i is a 60 hp tractor with 4-cylinders engine power. It has a canopy which protects the operator from the sun, rain, and dust. Tractor online price is  6.80 Lac*. 

  • Hp – 60 
  • PTO hp – 51
  • Clutch – Double 

Digitrac PP 43i

PP 43i is one of the favourite tractor models of Digitrac brand. It comes in fabulous design and colour that attracts Indian farmers. The tractor was made under the supervision of Digitrac company experts. Digitrac tractor online price is Rs. 5.85 Lakh*. 

  • Hp – 47
  • PTO hp – 43
  • Clutch – Dual 

Digitrac PP 46i

The tractor was introduced according to the farmer’s need. The tractor model has a powerful engine that improves the farm yield. It is equipped with a superior braking system that protects the operator from major accidents. Digitrac PP 46i tractor online price is  6.30 – 6.50 Lac*. 

  • Hp – 50 
  • PTO hp – 46
  • Clutch – Dual