How Digital Revolution in Home Buying Ensures Great Opportunity for India’s Real Estate

Digital Transformation is permeating many sectors in today’s era. It has transformed the operational ways of huge sectors like transport, health education, and more.

One can now witness a dramatic change in the real estate industry as well when companies are adapting to consumers’ transitional needs. With technological advancements, buyers start their home search online—and with the constant ingression of millennial buyers, tech-enabled platforms have become a centre point for developers. However, there are still many real estate companies that find it hard to keep up with the technology. Modi Builders, a real estate company in Hyderabad, anticipated the promising future of India’s realty sector with the constant technological advancements and highlighted a few benefits.

Ease in finding a unit

By adopting digitalised platforms and offering virtual tours of the homes, potential buyers can shortlist the kind of properties they want without any hassle. Online portals like Proptiger and 99acres showcase thousands of housing units, enhancing the experience of prospective buyers since they can centralise their search and directly converse with the property dealers. The features of virtual apartment tours are much convenient for developers and customer as they have reduced the time and efforts.

Additionally, the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) was introduced in 2008 for bringing transparency in the maintenance of property record and the computerisation of all land records facilitated rapid transactions and benefitted both developers and consumers, say experts at Modi Builders.

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Efficient Lease Application

Digitising has made the application and documentation process much more convenient. By providing the necessary documents in advance, developers can sort any possible confusions. As per Modi Builders’ experts, by introducing new customer-oriented features, real estate industry can witness a prolific growth.

Digitisation has certainly eased record maintenance for the developers and promoted better transparency among the consumers and builders in property transactions.

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