Designer boxed invitational cards: the stylish and innovative way to invite guests

Weddings used to be simple back then with everything from marriage gardens and halls, food, invitation cards, catering and ceremonies were not as fancy as they are in the 20th century, so plain old invitation cards did fine back then.

But now, with weddings being modernized and various themes available for weddings, the wedding cards were also needed to be adapted to these changes, new patterns and innovative designs came with changing times. The trends in wedding card designing just keep changing rapidly and for one, it’s not an easy task to choose the correct wedding card to impress guests, that’s why they read articles.

Luckily, the viewer has come across the right one; this article will tell the readers about the different types of boxed wedding cards that will surely leave a good impression on their guests.

Types of boxed invitations

Floral invitation: –It’s for the couples who like to keep the invitation simple and yet classic, the floral designs will not only look beautiful, but they will surely impress one’s invitees.

The idea behind this design was that, if a wedding is incomplete without flowers, then it is also incomplete without flowers printed on the box. Just be careful though, the box might get infested by birds, butterflies, and bees, just joking. The design gives a good vibe to everyone. They are available in both dark and light shades along with textures that suit the design.

Other than flowers, the box can have other mesmerizing designs as well, like butterflies, geometric motifs, trees, and plants that are similar to the designs on hand block printed fabrics.

Birdcage box invitation: – 

These are for the ones with parrots or any other birds as pets, just kidding, one can buy these for their stylish laser cut design that makes them special and unique. One may also get praise and attention for their exquisite choice.

Birdcage invitations are a blend of creativity and innovation as the cards are placed inside a cage, if one doesn’t find anything they like in simple designs they can choose one of the exclusive and amazing designs under this category.

Invitations shaped like a pillow: – 

Only one thing comes to mind about these invitational cards, “neat”. There is no limit when it comes to designing boxed cards, one can choose from a variety of gold plated and floral boxes.

One such uniquely surprising design is the pillow shape, just be careful though, one might want to sleep on them, just joking again. All jokes aside they are available in vivid colors ranging from bright red to purple to bring optimism and excitement to invitees. It is recommended to choose neon color combinations for the best impression on guests.

Basket invitation: – T

his is another unique style on the list; the basket invitation card is one of a kind with its distinguished colors and designs, the basket can be designed in simple brown color or maroon, brown and green for a glamorous and attractive look, place the card inside and they are ready to go to invitees.

If some space is left in the basket, then chocolates or other sweet treats can be added as a token of appreciation.

A tip would be to scent whatever type of boxed invitation one chooses with room freshener or perfume for extra delight. These invitations are available at for any religion. Whether it is Muslim Wedding Cards or Sikh Wedding Cardsthey got something for everyone.

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