Defence Force Tenders in Australia – What to Consider

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The Australian defence industry has always been an evolving and substantial industry that is filled with a huge range of opportunities for large and small businesses looking to secure contracts. Tenders and bids are a crucial factor in winning Defence Force contracts.

Whether your business isa property maintenance company looking to land a maintenance contractor a submarine manufacturer who is bidding for a government contract, here are a few important tips to consider when writing Defence Force tenders in Australia:

Grab their attention

Defence tenders can often focus on the fundamental principles of the Defence Force. This means that bids and proposals must be drafted in an industry-focused language which sells your services and products by addressing the current key issues.

For example, say the Defence Force wants to sell a fleet of no longer used trucks. Typically, this would go through a direct sales process rather than a tender process. However, if the Department of Defence or ADF (Australian Defence Force) was making a purchase of new equipment, then they would go through a tender process.

In this example, they would have an SME (Subject-matter Expert) reviewing all documentation to understand the benefits of the equipment before making a decision. Post-sale quality and service are very important, and depending on the tender, often outweighs the quoted price.

Highlight why your company should be chosen

It is important to write the defence tender in an active voice, presenting a convincing argument as to why your company should be the winning tender. You will want to combine your supporting documentation and technical information with your story and how your business plans to deliver. When it comes to most defence contracts, there is a strong focus on credibility, security, quality and after-sales support.

It is also equally important to write your tender with confidence – and to write to win. You must clearly articulate your key points that make a difference, why you stand out from your competitors and your position as a credible supplier to the defence industry.

If you have a track record of supplying other government departments, highlight this fact. Also, put an emphasis on your capability to adhere to additional security and other requirements relating to the defence industry.

Leverage your experience and skill

If former defence personnel are working for or are a part of your company, be sure to put them forward. Demonstrate your previous experience in delivering, implementing and project managing. If your business supplies weapons systems, your ability in providing technical training is going to be critical. It is also very important to promote your personnel’s experience and skillsets and leverage them to your advantage.

Writing Defence Force tenders can be very complex, which is why reaching out to a professional bid writing company who is experienced in Defence Force tenders Australia is extremely beneficial. Search online for a bid writing company who can help you throughout the entire process and start benefiting today.

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