Decompress Your Spine With Yoga

What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to physical health? It is your spine health! Whether you a layman busy with the everyday routine of trivial stuff or whether you are a highly active being, you need to have perfectly healthy back muscles with the help of Spine With Yoga.

Studies have confirmed that more than 70% of Americans have back issues. Therefore, taking care of your back muscles and your spine becomes highly important. To have a strong and flexible spine, the following yoga poses can be a perfect go-to option for you. Read on.

Top Yoga Asanas For Back Pain


To begin with, lie on your back and raise your legs to support them against a nearby wall. Keep in mind, that your legs are straight and locked out. Place your hips as close as possible to the wall.

It improves the hamstring flexibility and initiates the reverse flow of lymphatic fluids from your legs, so that, these can be flushed out. Moreover, the pressure from your spine decreases and it gets adequate rest.

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Bow Pose

To start with, lie down on your stomach and let your arms and legs sit loosely by your side. Slowly fold your legs and hold your ankles with your hands. Once you have a stronghold of it, gently pull the legs with your arms such that your upper body and lower body rises above the ground Spine With Yoga.

It improves your shoulder strength, and massages the abdominal muscles. Moreover, your lower back stretches out when the bow structure is held for some time.

Downward-Facing Dog

Start with standing tall on a yoga mat with your arms by your side. Slowly bend forward and touch your hands on the ground in front of you. Keep your hips high in the air and your legs straight. Gently push away your shoulders to stretch them much further.

It enhances the hamstrings and calves muscles, and work on the natural curve of your spine. Since you are engaging shoulders, it improves the range of motion of your shoulder muscles.

Cobra Pose

Simply lie down on your stomach and relax your body. Bring your elbows under your shoulders and support your weight on your elbows. However, keep in mind that your legs are fully extended with your feet completely at rest.

When you raise your upper body on your elbows, it stretches the abdominal and quad muscles and further strengthens the weakest joint in the human body, i.e. shoulder joint. It is one of the easiest poses of yoga for back pain relief.

Plow Pose

Lie on your back and gently push your legs high in the air, directly over your head. Slowly walk your legs past your head until they touch the ground over your head. Once you made the contact with the ground with your feet, try to straighten your legs.

Moreover, you can either keep your legs on the ground by your side or you can touch your feet above your head. It gives a complete stretch to your spine and upper back muscles, and also works on your legs muscles.

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Wrap Up

Back pain contributes to the most common physical ailment that everyone goes through once in their lifetime. Therefore, keeping your spine healthy, strong, and flexible becomes a necessity. You can also join a yoga fitness center if you want to dive deeper to learn and practice yoga under the skilled eyes of certified yoga instructors.

Making yoga practice a habit can enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health to the next level, and make you a complete being.

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