Custom Application Development: What are the advantages?

Custom Application Development: What are the advantages?

Custom applications can offer significant advantages over standard applications especially when it comes to business management (ERP) or digital transformation applications .

It can be said that there is no such thing as a perfect software that fits all societies. Regardless of the configuration promised, when you buy a standard app there will always be manual manipulation to connect your data or even inefficiencies to your business that you will have to tolerate. In the end, the return on investment is not optimal.

, Custom Application Development: What are the advantages?

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Today there is another solution to optimize these applications: custom IT development .

Building a custom application isn’t as expensive an option as you might think, plus it can offer significant advantages over out-of-the-box solutions.

We will see the main advantages of this solution based on our experience.

Automate your business processes

Thanks to custom applications you can automate all types of boring and repetitive tasks. The application will adapt to your processes and not the other way around. You don’t have to change the way you operate, but rather create a management tool that will maximize your efficiency.

Each profession has its specificities, the development of personalized applications gives you the possibility to obtain the exact functionality you need.

Facilitate collaboration

Some standard solutions do not allow optimal integration with your other IT tools , which can impact your business efficiency. With a tailor-made application you are assured of a personalized adaptation with the tools you currently use. We can create connections between different software to facilitate collaboration. You will thus be able to increase the productivity of your teams .

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A safer application

If you choose a development-specific application , you are generally at less risk than a standard market solution .

The solutions in the market defend themselves against many attacks every month, and if a hacker manages to crack this solution then he will potentially be able to access the data of a multitude of customers, so you could be affected even if you are not directly attacked. .

Indeed, for pirates you are a smaller target and therefore there is less chance that you will be targeted.

Easy adaptation

In agreement with your custom application development company, you will have decided how your future application will work. Thus the use and ergonomics (interface) of the latter will have almost no secrets for you and your employees, the adaptation of this new tool and the user experience of your team will be obvious.

In terms of operating systems, we offer a full adaptation between Android iOS and Windows.

Scalable application

A tailor-made application allows you to quickly adapt to a change in the company. Beyond the native options, you will be able to add functionalities: for example an increase in the volume of data, new processes or new users.

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In an agile way, tailor-made development will be able to adapt the application according to the evolution of your activity.

Quick technical support

At Devlinks we offer technical support for your web and mobile applications . By knowing your needs and how the application works, we can therefore offer rapid corrective maintenance when you encounter a problem.

Optimized investment

By developing a web application or personalized mobile application you will only integrate the functionalities that you need, which will have repercussions on the time allocated to the development process and therefore directly on the costs.

We are talking about an optimized investment, because a tailor-made application brings you the necessary advantages to reduce costs and optimize use in relation to your business. The return on investment can only be higher compared to a standard solution on the market.
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