Cost of Professional Painting Services: DIY Vs. Hiring Professional Painters

“First impression is the last impression.”

Don’t you think it makes a real sense for your home too? No matter if you have luxurious interiors at your home, but a fade or cracking paint can make your home look hideous. 

So, it clearly signifies that your house needs a new makeover. Of course, everyone wants neat and attractive house. Then what’s the big deal?

Oh, you might have to face the issue of whether to do it by yourself or hire a professional painter. Now you must be thinking about both the options. See, every coin has two sides, so these two options have its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at both sides.

So, let’s figure out if you need professional painting services Toronto or DIY is preferable.

An Overview of Hiring a Professional Painter

Paining a house is not an easy task as it involves labor work, enough time, commitment, and cost.  Usually, the paint cost is $30 to $50 per gallon, and high-quality paint goes up to $100.


  • Professional painters assure premium quality work
  • Their impeccable services save your time.
  • Hiring a professional painter is a risk frees procedure because they are expert at managing their tasks proficiently.
  • Professional painters have the latest knowledge about the industry and they vouch for satisfactory work.

Is there any drawback of hiring a professional painter in Toronto?

The only major drawback is, hiring a professional painter is that the entire process is quite costly. They use different rollers and brushes of high quality to produce efficient results.

An Overview of Preferring DIY Painting

Everyone wants a house that seems good to eyes. Painting the house is a quick way to improve the curb appeal. Though it’s a tough job, people find it a source of pleasure to do it by themselves. Also, when you hire a professional painter, it costs too much. For an average house, labor cost will be $1500 to $3000, but for big size houses, it will be more than $5000. 75% of the expense accounts for labor.

So, let’s find out the pros of DIY Painting.


  • DIY is cheaper than hiring a professional painter.
  • Control is in your hands like you can select the color scheme of your own choice.
  • DIY gives you complete satisfaction

Do You Think Diy Is the Most Suitable Option To Consider

We have listed-down some key points that truly favor DIY painting idea.

  • For DIY projects, you need the proper skills for neat and clean finishing.
  • You need equipment, like paint, paint trays, cloths, ladders, etc.
  • It takes a lot of time to paint a house, so you have to take a break from work if you are working.
  • The risk factor is also there for an unprofessional painter.

DIY Vs. Professional Painting Services: What’s Your Final Verdict?

While painting the house, you have to make several choices. You have to choose the color, detailing, finishing, but before all this, you have to decide whether you are doing the project by yourself or hiring a professional painter.

So, don’t you think hiring a professional painting agency can paint your home perfectly? No doubt, their skills, the latest tools, and equipment can bring precision in the paint. They not only perk up the aesthetic of your residency but pledge quality services for a longer time. We recommend you to prefer quality over money and opt for the most efficient painting agency after proper research. It is the finest way to make the best use of your valuable time and efforts.

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