Choosing the Best Water Filter Systems for Homes

One of the most essential resources in our homes is also the one we most commonly take for granted, drinking water. Everyone needs clean water, but not many people actually think twice about the tap water that is coming out of your kitchen sink. One of the best ways to gain a little more confidence whenever you take a drink is to install a water filtration system in your home. When trying to choose the best water filter system for home use, you need to start thinking outside the pitcher.

Don’t get the wrong impression, common filtered water pitchers definitely will filter your water, removing contaminants with their cartridges, but they are not going to perform this task nearly as well as other systems. One of the biggest limiting factors with a filter pitcher is the fact that they rely on gravity in order to push water through the filter media. This means these filters are operating at just shy of 15 pounds per square inch of pressure(1 atmosphere of pressure).

Residential water pressure falls within the range of 45 to 80 PSI. This means that the simple act of using your water line to fuel your filter can increase the filtration pressure by over 5 times! This means that the filter media used in non-pitcher systems can be significantly finer than the coarse carbon media used in water filter pitchers. The smaller media size will increase both the filtration power and lifespan of your filtration cartridges.

Pitchers have another huge drawback, they require a lot of maintenance. Typically you are going to fill your pitcher at least once per day and then stick in back in your fridge, where it takes up valuable space. The smaller coarse media in these smaller filter cartridges will also clog faster, typically needing to be replaced after filtering 40 gallons of water.

Instead of relying on these small and ineffective filters, you can achieve incredible water quality without all the work by using an under sink filter system. This type of filter is considered one of the best water filter systems for homes because they can be mounted out of sight while they provide you with freshly filtered water on demand.

Most of these filters are fed by your cold water line and the filtered water is dispensed using a dedicated filtered water faucet. If you do not want to add an additional faucet to your kitchen setup, you can also find filter systems like the Everpure PBS-400 dispense your filtered water using the cold water side of your current kitchen faucet.

Everpure systems are a great choice because they are extremely easy to install and use. Mounting one of these filters under your sink takes only a few simple hand tools and the cartridges can filter anywhere from 300 to several thousands of gallons of water. If you notice the flow rate from your filter slowing, it’s time to swap the cartridge. You need to make sure that you change your cartridges at least once per year to ensure optimal performance.

If you want to find the best water filter systems for home kitchens, there is a huge selection of quality Everpure systems available at The team at efilters are dedicated to helping home and business owners find the perfect water filtration systems to meet their needs. If you have any questions about Everpure water filtration, their team is standing by ready to help. You can reach them by calling 1-866-283-9919 or sending an email to

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