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Checkout 4 Simple Steps To Implement Push Notifications In iOS!

Do you want to learn the best way to implement Push Notifications in iOS? If yes, then check out these 4 simple steps and develop a better understanding!

The flourishing world of technology has offered businesses a lot of advantages. But there is one tech, that has been showing promising results, ever since its introduction. Yes, we are talking about mobile app development. Within a decade of their introduction, apps started to dominate each and every industry with its pool of benefits.

From education to entertainment and finance to real estate, almost every industry is delving into the ocean of perks. And it is time that we learn about one of the popular advantages of mobile apps. Yes, we are talking about push notifications!

We all know about the UserNotification Framework that Apple introduced with iOS 10. Since then, we have been getting a lot of queries about the same. That is why we have decided to help out all the young coders worldwide, through this blog.

So without any further ado, let us learn more about the implementation of Push Notification in iOS, but before that, it is necessary to understand the concept thoroughly.

A Brief Introduction To Push Notification!

If you want to understand the concept of push notifications, then think of them as a communication channel. These days they are being integrated into every single mobile device, application, and website in order to quickly reach out to the users and send out an alert.  

It is an initial communication channel that any application uses to reach out to the users. Applications use them for re-engagement and transactions. It is often considered a popular marketing strategy to attract the user-base back to the application. They encompass every possible use case or service, from SMS to email.   

With time, it has evolved from a simple message to a highly engaging and interactive medium. It is a simple way to inform the users that they have opted-in to the services that are being offered by a particular app.  

Because of the hectic schedule that the users these days are accustomed to, it is very hard for them to remember each and every app that they have downloaded. This is where push notification steps in. They help the users by alerting them and providing them with all the important information.

How Does iOS App Push Notification Can Help A Business?

Before you learn about the steps, it is necessary that you go through each and every perk that they have to offer. Doing this will give you the necessary boost that you need to understand the codes. So go ahead and take a look- 

  1. Improves user engagement– The pop-ups help customers to stay in touch with the applications and website. They help in keeping the engagement on-point. 
  2. Best medicine for re-engagement– If the brand is observing a downfall in the traffic, they can always utilize this feature for re-engagement.
  3. Triggers conversion graph– When the brand informs the users about the on-going sales, discounts, new arrivals, etc it boosts the conversion graph.   
  4. Focuses on building a loyal customer base– It also helps in building a loyal customer base. By optimizing push notifications, brands can target the users and offer them the goods and services they desire the most. 
  5. Key for unlocking actionable metrics– They help the companies in tracking user behavior by delivering complex analytics.  
  6. Maintains brand consistency– From a marketing point of view, it is great to alert the customers about every last-minute event for a better experience. It saves users from missing out on any valuable opportunity.
  7. Eradicates extra efforts required by the users- Since it is a push message that will take them to the exact place, it reduces the unnecessary effort required to navigate through each and every screen.  
  8. Elevates the brand’s customer care strategy– Since the notification enhances the customer experience, they play a major role in driving more traffic and improving customer satisfaction. 

4 Simple Steps To Implement Push Notification In iOS!

Without any further delay, take a good look at the steps mentioned below, and initiate the process of learning.   

Checkout 4 Simple Steps To Implement Push Notifications In iOS!

1# With iOS 10 Apple Introduced UserNotifications framework

After creating certificates for push notifications  ————>(setup in apple developer account)

Import the UserNotifications framework and add the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate in AppDelegate.swift

2# Register Application for APNS

in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method of AppDelegate

UNUserNotificationCenter.current().delegate = self

UNUserNotificationCenter.current().requestAuthorization(options:[.badge, .alert, .sound]){ granted, error in }


3# This step will call the following delegate method

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken deviceToken: Data)


                        let deviceTokenString = deviceToken.reduce(“”) { $0 + String(format: “%02X”, $1) }

                        print(“APNs device token: \(deviceTokenString)”)


//Called if unable to register for APNS.

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError error: Error)




4# On Receiving notification following delegate will call:

func userNotificationCenter(_ center: UNUserNotificationCenter, didReceive response:UNNotificationResponse, withCompletionHandler completionHandler: @escaping () -> Void)



func userNotificationCenter(_ center: UNUserNotificationCenter, willPresent notification: UNNotification, withCompletionHandler completionHandler: @escaping (UNNotificationPresentationOptions) -> Void)



In A Nutshell

Now you know the process of integrating push notifications in iOS. Do you have any doubts? If yes, then free to connect with us or drop all your queries in the comment section present below. We would be delighted to help you out.

Our team of experienced iOS app development professionals works day and night to deliver the best services to the clients and share their experiences through blogs. So stay tuned to this space to get a daily dose of tech buzz and reach out if you want to learn more about the mobile app development process.

The world is currently relishing the perks offers by growing technologies, and it is time that you too perfect your coding skills in order to deliver excellence.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the pool of advantages today and embrace app technology with open arms! Happy reading!!!