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The search for clergy jackets can take you high and low. There are just so many things to take into account when you’re shopping that something that should by right be easy and painless can become unnecessarily convoluted. You’ll have to take into account the effect you want to produce on a congregation. Do you want to inspire awe and reverence, or do you want to cast a more contemporary light over the gathering and the oration? Are you more interested in a traditional cut and style or more in something persuasive and up to date?

By that same token, you’ll have to evaluate whether you want to shop for a set of full-length robes or a preaching jacket to compliment the priest or pastor, and any other reader delivering the sermon. When you shop at Divinity Clergy Wear, you will have the freedom to explore each and every one of these possibilities, from the most traditional clergy robe sets to the more interested and contemporary clergy jackets. Options like Divinity Clergy Wear’s Roman Cassock and Cincture Sets, their Class A Vestments, and their other robes make a fine choice for a traditional appeal. At the same time, you won’t want to miss these other clergy jackets for putting a novel slant on your clergymen.

For a clergy jacket that capitalizes on traditional appeal, don’t miss the opportunity to check out their Men’s Gershon Clergy Jacket in black. This is a spin-off of one of their popular clergy robes by the same name and takes the same style, except it is a shorter jacket instead of a full-length robe. This humble yet impressive jacket in black is elegantly decorated with a brocade pattern along the front and sports embroidered crosses on the sleeves. Ideal for a setting where you need an austere front that does not lack complexity and offers a slight touch of levity over traditional full-length robes, even in the same style. One thing to note – if you need a break from the severity of the black jacket, you can find the same jacket with the same design in white. They would make quite a set as part of a rotation.

Another even more austere offering is their Men’s Preacher Clergy Jacket in black and white. Making the most of the two colors perhaps most closely associated with clerical processions, this jacket, like the Gershon, is humble and simple. It will do the trick of instilling reverence in a congregation – it even lacks the embellishment of florid design.

Yet, if you like the look of this style of jacket but need to find it in brighter and more inspiring colors, look no further than the very same page on You can find the same jacket in combinations of red, black, white, and blue right on their website – and it is quite telling how severe of an effect can be produced with something as simple as a slight shift in color.

Another excellent example from their collection and something that wonderfully illustrates their ability to present novel offerings is their Trinity Clergy Jacket in gold and black. This same vestment can be found as a set of full-length robes on their site, but if you seek the same style in a simpler package, this clergy jacket is the ticket.

Like these selections but want to look through the catalog yourself to find your perfect match? Take a look at their site at and pick out the clergy jackets that you think will work best for you. There’s no shortage of cuts and styles or colors and patterns, so all you need to do is see for yourself and find your favorites. Visit their website today to get started refreshing your clerical wardrobe.

For more information about Clergy Robes for Women and Church Dresses for Women Please visit: Divinity Clergy Wear.

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