Challenge Yourself with an Odd Bike

So you ride a bike or maybe have even tackled the challenge of getting in the saddle of a one-wheeler. Maybe the case is that you are not yet ready to take on the challenge of the unicycle head-on. In that case, take on the sport of an odd bike. You’ll have your pick of what appeals to you, and without a doubt, you’ll challenge yourself, probably while turning heads as well.

Consider a modern Penny Farthing bike, which really shouldn’t be called an odd bike, to be fair. One of the first designs in a bicycle and in fact the first one to be so-called, a Penny Farthing is a unique and interesting ride that will impress you with its design features which showcase the best of human ingenuity.

It was developed in the late 1800s before there were machines propelled by chain drives known as bicycles. The crank arms of a Penny Farthing are attached directly to the axle of the front wheel, which you will notice is very large. That large wheel helps to accomplish two things. First, it absorbs the shocks of rough terrain, which was a real pain for early riders. Secondly, the larger wheel offers a larger circumference, which enables the rider to achieve higher speeds without the need for a chain drive.

A Penny Farthing will challenge your skills in riding and handling, but it isn’t the only bike style that has been called an “odd bike.” It definitely looks the part, but it’s only odd because it is no longer a common design. Instead, you might want to try your hand at riding a cool bike like a mini bike or a circus bike.

A mini bike like the UDC Mini Bike available at is a serious bargain for the quality. It has a heavy-gauge steel frame and it even has solid rubber tires for durability. It might be little, but it is not little when it comes to durability. It weighs almost 14 pounds and it can hang with the bumps and knocks of rough riding and learning tricks. Plus, it comes with a UDC big cush saddle so you won’t be too uncomfortable riding it. Give it a try and see if you can scale down your skills.

Another interesting odd bike is the Hoppley Circus Bike that you can also find at Like the Penny Farthing mentioned above, this bike also has its crank arms attached directly to an axle, but this time it’s the rear axle and the tires are not mismatched in size. Actually, they are the same size and rotate independently of each other – it also comes with stunt pegs, giving you more flexibility with trick riding.

If these odd and interesting bikes don’t suit your fancy or you want to try a different kind of challenge, then maybe you should try your hand at riding a unicycle instead. Learning to ride a unicycle will challenge your ability to read the terrain, it will challenge your already developed athletic skills and it will make you stronger. Plus, there are some Giraffe unicycles available at if your aim is to impress a group.

To learn more about these unique bikes and unicycles, visit where you will find several different models to keep your interest engaged. Explore their options in Penny Farthings and Giraffe unicycles, and if you have more questions, you can always give them a call. See what you can find on your own and if you need more help, get in touch with their customer service team at 678-494-4962.

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