Cayman Brac Real Estate Might Be for You

Grand Cayman might get a lot of the limelight from those who travel to the Cayman Islands, and even among those who look to buy Cayman Islands real estate. With its rich assortment of sights to see and things to do, as well as attractions like Seven Mile Beach, a lot of people who think about buying in the Cayman Islands look to Grand Cayman.

There’s more to the Cayman Islands than Grand Cayman, though, for those who are willing to look. If you think you might enjoy a home or a home away from home in the tropics, but you want to get away from it all without having to go too far, Cayman Brac real estate might be for you.

That’s because Cayman Brac is well known for its natural beauty. Both it and Little Cayman, which together are known as the Sister Islands, lie to the east of Grand Cayman and are much less developed than Grand Cayman. They both also have a smaller population than Grand Cayman, and there is still plenty of open space on these islands.

On the note of natural beauty, Cayman Brac is perhaps known best for its beautiful bluff, for which it is named. Many people enjoy hiking the bluff and exploring the numerous caves in it. Cayman Brac also offers a lot of recreational opportunities for those who enjoy spending time on the water. Boaters and fishermen alike will enjoy the opportunities that await them, and Little Cayman is only a short boat ride away, as well. In addition, there are many opportunities to take a dive right off the coast of the island.

Cayman Brac is only a half-hour away from Grand Cayman by air and is home to the Captain Charles Kirkconnell International Airport at West End. If convenience weren’t enough, there are the many cultural delights to explore on the island, such as the Cayman Brac Heritage House and the Cayman Brac Museum.

The first step to buying a piece of Cayman Brac for yourself, however, is investigating what opportunities await you in the form of Cayman Brac real estate. International buyers are welcome in the Cayman Islands, and the modern infrastructure, stable government, and safe living are appealing to people from all around – but you still need to do some digging to find the right place for you.

As with all things unfamiliar, it’s beneficial to take help where you can get it, and if that question is one of finding and evaluating real estate listings in the Cayman Islands, then working with a Cayman Islands real estate agent is surely going to help.

In that case, it’s well worth your while to work with a team like Crighton Properties, a member of CIREBA that has been serving the Cayman Islands for nearly 50 years. With a fantastic record of customer satisfaction and a firm commitment to customer service, Crighton Properties has one vision in mind – helping to put you in touch with the home or property of your dreams.

Visit their website,, to learn more about the areas they serve or to see some of the listings that are showcased online. They’ve done it for many prospective buyers before, and they can do it for you, but you need to get in touch with them. Whether you just have a few questions to see if the location is right for you or you want to get serious about looking, a call to Crighton Properties is the first step and one in the right direction. Reach out to them at 345-949-5250 today to get started.

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