Carbide Thread Mills For NPT, NPTF, UN, And Metric Threads

Creating the perfect threads on different types of pipe is essential. For example the tapered design of NPT threads will produce a tight seal when connected. If you want to create these threads quickly and efficiently, full form carbide thread mills for NPT threads can complete a threaded surface in seconds. At Online Carbide, you can find a wide selection of thread mills including NPT, NPTF, UN, and Metric thread milling tools in addition to a selection of single pitch thread mills that can complete a wide range of threading jobs.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of high quality solid carbide thread mills. They specialize in their thread mills but they also produce other end mill designs including classic ball and square ended mills and several types of drill bits. All of their tools are made from sturdy carbide stock which offers incredible temperature resistance and edge retention so you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your cutting tools.

The best carbide thread mills for NPT threads are going to be full form thread mills. These tools are designed to turn an entire threaded surface in a single 360 degree rotation. The surface of these specialized end mills feature many small “teeth” that cut the grooves of the threads. In order to properly cut threads, the tool drops vertically by the spacing between two threads, meaning that every tooth on the cutter finishes its cut one groove below where it began, producing helical threads.

Online Carbide offers full form mills to produce the following types of threads

  • NPT – National Pipe Threads are used to thread pipes to form a tight seal without the need for additional sealants, though typically some thread tape is used to ensure a leak free seal. As the title suggests, this thread style is the standard for many pipe applications in this country, including for hydraulics and other systems under pressure. 
  • NPTF – National Pipe Taper for Fuel is a thread standard for forming leak free connections by creating a mechanical seal. This seal is created by the deformation of threads on the first use of the pipe, though subsequent uses should be treated with a sealant to ensure a proper connection. 
  • UN – Unified National threads are defined by their shape and threads per inch and are one of the most common thread types used for a wide range of applications.
  • Metric – Metric thread mills are essential for any shop that is creating components that will be used internationally where metric sizes are the more common option.

All of Online Carbide’s full form thread mills are treated with TiAlN to provide extra protection against heat. This coating helps to form a layer of insulating aluminum oxide on the tool’s cutting surface when the tool reaches high temperatures. This helps to prevent heat fatigue on the cutter and extend the life of the tool. They also offer a selection of single pitch thread mills which only have one “tooth” on the cutter. These smaller tools might take longer to cut threads, but they can help cut several thread sizes and pitches using a single tool.

So if you are looking to prepare threads quickly, Online Carbide has the tools you need. You can find carbide thread mills for NPT, NPTF, UN, and Metric threads along with single pitch mills that can complete a wide range of threading applications. If you have any questions about their products, feel free to reach out to a member of the Online Carbide team by calling 630-238-1424 or send an email to

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