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Signs That Indicate for Immediate Car Battery Replacement

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The battery is one of the most critical components of a car. The performance of a car highly depends upon its battery.  The car battery is not just important to start the engine, but it plays an integral role in providing power to almost every electrical device in your car. Without a good battery, your car will not be able to provide a high level of performance.

Starting a car is very easy, but the car battery has to do a heavy-duty job there.

 Whether the car battery is worn out or faulty, you must get repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Obviously you do not want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere because of a worn-out battery. Therefore, it is imperative to have a piece of proper knowledge about your car battery so that you can fix things yourself when required. While it is essential to know how to replace your car’s battery, you must look for car battery replacement options as soon as your car starts showing signals for the faulty car battery.

 Mostly the battery of a car can last up to 4 to 5 years, however driving ways and extreme conditions can affect battery life. These are some of the factors that shorten the lifetime of the car battery.  But many times the car battery can drain overnight as well if you leave the power on all night. Other than that the battery can also drain if the wiring or the electrical components are defective.

How often do you need to replace the car battery?

On average, you would require to charge the car’s battery after four years; however, the time varies depending upon the car model and the condition of the car. If you have to drive the car in cold conditions for most months, then lifespan if the car might be slightly shorter than four years.  

 It is always good to start noticing your car battery after three years to tackle the problem right there. While getting regular maintenance for your car, make sure to ask the professional to check the car’s battery properly. However, you must know that every car needs a car battery replacement

 Your car would give some signals that indicate you need to change the car battery immediately. It is always good to keep a proper check on the car’s battery so that your car does not break down in the middle of anywhere. Here are some of the signs that indicate you need to change your car’s battery as soon as possible.

An engine that starts slow

 With time the car components inside your car start to wear out, and as a result, the car’s battery starts deteriorating, and the battery’s efficiency starts decreasing. Once this happens, it would take longer than usual for your car to start.  A start that takes longer than usual and if it happens every day could be the signal behind wearing out of the battery.

Electrical and light issues

All of the electronics in your car runs on the battery. If the car battery needs to be replaced, then it will find hard running the other electronic parts. If you use more electronic devices in your car faster, it will die. Besides, dim lights are also an important signal that indicates low battery health.

Check the light of the engine

 In most of the cars, the engine light can indicate battery life. It may come across just when the car’s battery is just about to die. Check with a mechanic and ask him to figure out if the battery is functioning at full capacity, if not it is time to change the battery.

Obnoxious smell

 Any damage in the battery or the internal short of the battery may cause internal leakage of the gas. When you open the hood of the car and smells obnoxious just like a pungent smell, the battery might have leaked. This is when you need to take your battery and get it checked. If the battery cannot be repaired get it replaced immediately.


 If you see white ashy material on the battery’s metal rods, then it might be due to corrosion. The positive and negative effects on your battery may rust and as a result, cause trouble in starting the car.

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