Can an eCommerce SEO Company Improve Your Brand?

Brand image is a hot topic these days, because now more than ever, brands are tasked with communicating the right messages to online shoppers. Creating a loyal and dedicated customer base is no easy feat, and if your branding is off, it can make the task a whole lot more difficult than it needs to be.

A professional eCommerce SEO company may be able to help in this department, because properly implemented SEO improves brand awareness. The more you are seen in the search engines and the more Google “real estate” that you lay claim to, the more relevant you will appear and the more people who will actually see your site.

How SEO Ties Into Branding
There are several reasons why branding and SEO are now somewhat intertwined. Years ago, search engine optimization was more about keyword stuffing and meta titles than perfecting the face of your business, but times have changed.

Now, SEO is one of the most important branding factors on multiple fronts. First, and possibly most importantly, SEO determines your ubiquity in the search engines. Simply appearing often in high rankings can be a brand factor unto itself. If you are constantly appearing in the top spots for keywords in your industry, users are going to remember your brand name and logo. One way or another, your brand name will stick with them and stay in the backs of their minds when considering a purchase.

There has never been a form of marketing or advertising quite like SEO. You get the hang of it and start ranking for those top spots, and it’s like having an endless commercial playing on repeat to millions of people that have a direct access link right to your products and services. And your brand is what greases the wheels – without professional imagery and voice, you won’t connect with your users and they will eventually turn away from your website, and Google will recognize this and start lowering your rank.

With SEO, there’s no longer a such thing as coincidences or luck. You’re either meeting the needs of your customers or you aren’t. Which goes into the next key reason why SEO and branding are tied together, SEO improves user experience, but your users aren’t thinking about “SEO” or how you have optimized your website. The quality of the experience that they have on your website will be acknowledged as an aspect or extension of your brand more than anything else, which means that an eCommerce SEO company can quite literally help your users to associate higher quality with your brand.

What SEO Means For eCommerce Businesses
Search engine optimization keeps on changing year after year, with an increasingly greater emphasis toward the needs of the users rather than pleasing certain search engine metrics. You can’t simply ignore SEO, because it ties into the very user experience you are trying to create to build your brand image.

If you are looking for a way to improve your branding and potentially get more traffic and sales, there is no substitute for SEO. It is one of the most powerful forces in the world of digital marketing and can completely enhance the look and feel of your online store.

Choosing the right SEO company is critical however, as not every agency is suited to work in the world of eCommerce and get results. That’s why you need Genius eCommerce® in your corner. Their team of eCommerce SEO experts and digital marketing veterans will be able to help you craft a campaign that will improve your brand and get you the kind of results you always wanted for your store. Contact them today at 888-982-8269 for more information.

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