Can an eCommerce SEO Agency Improve Your Conversion Rate?

SEO can improve your online store in a variety of ways. More traffic is the obvious benefit, because you’re going to appear higher and more often in the search results, but there are a few other important benefits that you will want to take advantage of if you are trying to grow in eCommerce.

Have you thought about how an SEO campaign might bolster your conversion rate? An eCommerce SEO agency that understands how to target the best possible keywords and generate qualified traffic for your website can influence conversions as well. Once your SEO strategy gets rolling and you begin to rank higher for your most important keywords, you could very well see an uptick in conversions.

How SEO Influences Conversion Rate
Traffic and conversions are closely connected, and we already know how SEO affects traffic. The main goal of any SEO plan is to get more traffic coming into your website. But you don’t want just any traffic coming in, you want users who are primed and ready to purchase your products.

This is accomplished primarily through professional keyword research. Often the difference between an amateur campaign and a professional one is in the keywords. Skilled agencies know how to find those money-making keyword opportunities that will help get you traffic that converts as best as possible. This can be a truly gamechanging upgrade for your online store, because the difference between targeted traffic and random traffic can be quite significant.

When traffic is better qualified, it tends to convert better. This means you could have more organic traffic coming to your store that has a better chance to make purchases, because your website will better match the intent behind their search queries. This is a more sophisticated approach to SEO that only talented agencies are able to fully take advantage of. It requires a high degree of knowledge when it comes to keyword research, backlinking strategies, content creation, and technical enhancements.

Traffic and Conversions Are The Keys to eCommerce Success
No matter what kind of online store you operate or the niche that you are in, traffic and conversions are the keys to success. You need more of both, but it’s not often easy to actually increase these metrics. There are plenty of strategies out there that help you generate more clicks and traffic, but this isn’t enough. You need to optimize your website to such a degree that it draws in users who are a better match for your products and services and who will be more likely to buy.

This is what an eCommerce SEO agency can do for you. With a deep understanding of how keywords work and what it takes to actually rank for certain phrases, such an agency can propel you to the top spots in Google and help you land traffic that converts. These digital marketing techniques are one of the reasons why SEO is considered to be the highest ROI investment you can make for your business.

If you want to see your business prosper, you have to make sure you are doing everything in your power to attract more traffic. You also have to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your conversion rate increases as well. Genius eCommerce® is an eCommerce SEO company that can tackle both of these goals for you.

Their elite team has what it takes to rank websites even in the most competitive industries. With proven methods and a dedicated team of SEO professionals that sport a background in eCommerce, they can help you find real success online.

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