Californian’s guide to Europe – 6 countries you should not miss to visit

California is a big place. It is the most populated state in the United States of America with nearly 40 million people. Cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are even larger than some European countries. But for some residents of California, it is time to visit some other parts of the world. One of the first things that come to mind is Europe. So here is Californian’s guide to Europe.

Moving for business

Business is one of the reasons people move. A Californian’s guide to Europe might help here too.  It is important to know that good resumes – getting that great job you want. Resumes can help a lot in getting a dream job.

A business meeting.
Business is one of the major reasons to travel. A Californian’s guide to Europe might help to find out where to travel for business in Europe.

Moving to Europe for good

A lot of Californians dream about visiting Europe. If you decide to stay in Europe there is a lot of help you might need. Moving that far is very demanding.

Help when moving

Moving from California to Europe is a big effort. Remember, you are moving to live thousands of miles away. The people from are always there to help as is this article, a Californian’s guide to Europe.

Packing moving boxes after reading Californian's guide to Europe.
If you consider moving from California to Europe, any help will mean a lot.

The list of 6 countries in Europe you should not miss to visit as a Californian – Californian’s guide to Europe

Visiting Europe has always been popular for Californians. A Californian’s guide to Europe might help when figuring out what places to visit. If you are considering moving for good, you might need help with cost-saving tips to keep in mind when moving. Anyway, here is a list of 6 countries in Europe you should not miss to visit as a Californian:

  • The United Kingdom. No matter where in the UK, everyone here speaks English. It might be rainy and unusual for a Californian, but London, Edinburgh, Manchester, or even the Welsh countryside are truly beautiful.
  • The Republic of Ireland. It might be that you have some Irish roots. Then why not visit your ancestor’s land? Even if you don’t it is also preferable, language is not an issue here too, and the nature is just stunning.
  • Spain. Here, Californians who speak Spanish could feel at home. But even those who don’t will absolutely quickly realize that the beautiful beaches of Spain and the nice temperature is a visitor’s paradise.
  • Italy. A beautiful country that has many old gems. One of the first tips for any visitor no matter where you come from.
  • France. This nation has also been the world hub of fashion, wines, and lifestyle. France has beautiful Paris, which is also one of the most visited cities on earth.
  • Greece. Greece is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Visitors come here for the amazing sandy beaches but also to visit some of the major historical sights.


We hope this Californian’s guide to Europe would help you in finding out where to travel in Europe if you are Californian. Europe offers a lot, so you should not be in doubt to travel there.

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