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Build a Professional Website With These Features

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There is a misconception that creating websites is hard and takes a lot of time. Moreover, getting a website expert to make a website costs lots of money and is considered to be very expensive. But gone are those days where you have to think like that. Thanks to news applications and online tools available online, you can now get a professional website much easier than without hiring anyone and more importantly, without having the professional knowledge such as programming or coding to do it.

How is this possible, you may ask?

Well, it is very easy. Right now, there is an online tool available called a website builder. A website builder provides the building blocks for you to create a professional website fast, easily, and even for free!

Such an example of a website builder is where you can build a professional website fast.


Aside from the basic tools when it comes to creating a website such as a page editor, menu management tab, website designs, and file management area, there are many other features you can avail of for your website.

You can get these features when you sign up on the hPage website builder:

  • Blog – Easily establish and put up a blog on your site to inform visitors of important posts.
  • Calendar – Show your schedule to your visitors. 
  • Contact form – Allows your visitors to easily contact you regarding any questions or inquiries.
  • Galleries – Have lots of photos you want to show off? Put up a gallery option on one of your website’s pages. 
  • Gimmicks – These are small extra features to spice up your website. Sign up on the site and check them out for yourself.
  • Guestbook – The guestbook feature is where visitors can leave messages on the site. This will be publicly seen by everyone.
  • Intro – The intro feature is for your website homepage. Makes it easier for you to welcome your visitors to your site.
  • Link list – Got some favorite links you want to share? Manage it easier with the link list feature.
  • Members area – This feature is exclusive for members who want to sign-up for the members-only area of your website.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter feature makes it easier for you to send messages and updates to visitors who shared their email with you.
  • Password protection – Want to make some web pages private or exclusive to some people only? Password-protect them with this feature.
  • Pinboard – The pinboard is a virtual bulletin board that you can put up on your website.
  • Polls – Put up a poll on your website with this feature.
  • Shoutbox – A shoutbox allows visitors to send messages on your website publicly with this feature.
  • Sitemap – Allows your visitors to easily navigate the pages of your website.