Blankz and OVNS Juul Pods

Ever since the ban on flavored vape pods went into effect, more and more Juul users have been trying to find an alternative option that would allow them to enjoy great tasting salt nic vapor. The ban left only tobacco, Virginia tobacco, and menthol flavored pods on store shelves. This selection left a lot to be desired, especially for Juul users who loved Juul’s popular mango and mint flavored pods. Luckily, vapers who want to recreate all of their favorite flavored pods can do so using Blankz and OVNS Juul Pods. These pods make it possible to vape any salt nic e-liquids you want using your Juul battery.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy flavored salt nic vapor in the wake of the flavor ban has been the use of fully disposable vaporizers. These vapes contain almost all of the hardware of the original Juul device, but with a few important differences. The e-liquid chamber is internal instead of removable and the battery cannot be recharged. Once the device stops producing vapor, it can be disposed of just like an empty Juul pod. Sadly buying a new device every time you want to vape can be expensive, even though these devices are incredibly easy to use.

One way that Juul fans can keep enjoying their favorite vape flavors without the high price tag is to start making their own pods at home. This process is shockingly easy and requires only the right empty pods and the nicotine salt vape juice of your choice. There are currently a few different types of Juul compatible pods on the market, but today we will be taking a look at Blankz Pods and OVNS Juul pods.

Blankz Pods is a US based pod company that started selling its empty Juul pods even before the flavor ban went into effect. This makes them one of the authorities when it comes to manufacturing refillable pods. Every Blankz pod carries a full milliliter of e-liquid, giving them a capacity that is about 40% larger than a standard 0.7ml official Juul pod. Each pod can also be filled up to three times, giving every Blankz pod the ability to vape 3ml of e-liquid. That’s even more than a 4 pack of Juul brand pods. One huge advantage with these pods is the fact that Blankz has been making refillable Juul pods for a while. This means that they have ironed out many of the manufacturing issues that cause leaks and other problems.

OVNs pods are made by Shenzhen Ovns Technology, a vape manufacturer based out of Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the unofficial vape manufacturing capital of the world and OVNs is a company dedicated to manufacturing pod based products. Their JC01 and JC02 OVNS Juul pods. Their original JC01 held 0.7ml like the original Juul pods, while the upgraded JC02 holds a full milliliter just like a Blankz pod. The JC01 can be refilled up to four times while the JC02 can be refilled three times, giving them each roughly the same capacity as a pack of Juul pods, with the JC02 having the advantage of less frequent refills.

If you are trying to decide which of these pods to try, it’s hard to say which has the distinct advantage. OVNS Juul pods can be found on several vape websites, though you cannot place your order directly with the manufacturer. If you are interested in Blankz Pods, you can find their nicotine salt e-liquid pods and their limited edition Juul compatible concentrate pods when you visit their website at

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