Best Neurosurgeon in India | Best Neurologist in India

Best Neurosurgeon in India | Best Neurologist in India

Your primary doctor might have diagnosed the disease or condition involving the brain, spinal cord or nerves, requiring surgery. So, your next step will be finding the best neurologist in India.

A Neurosurgeon offers treatment for neurological disorders. These specialists are trained to treat all types of brain tumors, movement disorders, degenerative spinal diseases, congenital anomalies of the brain and spinal, and neurovascular diseases of the spine and brain.

Tips To Find The Best Neurologists In India

  • Experience of the surgeon

Experience matters when the surgery involves the brain, nervous system or nerves.

Your results depend directly on the experience of the surgeon. You can ask about the success rate and the number of procedures the doctor has performed.

  • Research about the hospital’s quality

The hospital where you will have the surgery must be of acceptable quality as the top-rated hospitals have fewer complications and comparatively better survival rates.

Also, consider your hospital’s location as you will have to go to the hospital several times before the actual procedure.

  • Read Online Reviews

You can read the patients’ reviews as this gives a clear idea of how the treatment goes and gets the patient’s authentic experience. This will help you to know whether the hospital will be suitable for you or not.

  • Consider making several appointments

You must consider making several appointments to your doctor to know whether you are comfortable with them or not. You can ask the surgeon about their recent experience with a condition similar to yours.

List Of Best Neurologists In India

  • Dr Joy Dev Mukherji
  • Brig Dr H S Bhatoe
  • Dr A.K. Singh
  • Dr Puneet Agarwal
  • Dr Sanjeev Dua
  • Dr Amitabh Goel
  • Dr Rajesh Garg
  • Dr Vikas Gupta
  • Dr Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
  • Dr Ashish Gupta
  • Dr V.K. Jain
  • Dr Rajeshkar Reddy
  • Dr Vivek Kumar
  • Dr Sanjay Saxena
  • Dr Arun Saroha

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Neurosurgery is one of the most complex procedures and involves a lot of experience to be performed.

There are several factors that you must consider before choosing the best neurologist doctor in India.

The surgery consists of the treatment of nerves, the nervous system and the brain. These are one of the most delicate parts of the body and require a lot of experience to be operated.

When the question is about your nervous system or the brain, you must consider choosing the best neurologist doctor in India.

Max Healthcare is one of the leading hospitals in India that provides neurological treatments. The hospital has services and amenities that are focused on the patient’s well being.

Therefore, do a lot of analysis before making the final decision.