Best Diwali Memories We Bet Every Indian Can Relate To

Diwali! One of the desert festivals to every Indian, especially to Hindus. The festival is popular and widely celebrated not just because of the religious value it possesses with itself, but because of the fun, excitement, togetherness and lots of opportunities to make memories, it brings along. Be it Diwali gifts, delicious treats made at the home decoration of the house, we just can’t get enough of the 2 days of the Diwali festival. Now, there are some fun facts about this festival relevant to every Indian. While reading this article, you will burst into laughter, giggle and smile at the same time. Let’s discuss some of these!

  • Diwali Cleansing Of The House:

When I said that 2 days of Diwali festivals are not enough, I lied. Well, actually it’s not just 2 days, but the preparation (mostly cleaning) for Diwali starts a month earlier only. Yes, the household chores from cleaning the window to painting the pots, from cleaving the storeroom to throwing unnecessary items from the house, this process tore us apart. Then there is a thing about brown parents that they won’t let you sit idle. If you have not got into arguments and fights with your parents and siblings in that one month, are you even a brown family? I am sure most of you are thinking about all the fights you have been into with your family, right? 

  • Not Allowed To Touch The Desserts:

Could you also smell all the delicious delicacies that your mother cooks during Diwali, as I did? However, when the entire house is filled up by the aroma of those mouth-watering delicacies, we are not supposed to touch them until the prayers are done. We all have been reprimanded by our mother if we even try to touch the sweets before being offered to the gods (just Hindu family things). I could not wait for the prayers to end so that I could stuff my mouth with sweets, before bursting the crackers. Honestly, I remember Diwali greatly for the Diwali sweets & online gifts I get to enjoy with my family. 

  • Gifts & Sweets:

One of the most exciting elements of this festival is all the gifts, sweets and chocolate boxes we receive from our dear ones on this occasion. Unpacking all the gifts and all the boxes with my siblings was the most fun part of the day I used to enjoy. Also, dropping gifts and visiting your loved ones to give them our Diwali greetings also kept us engaged during the festival, right? Also, have you observed that we come up with extra pounds added after Diwali? I know, right? 

  • Fighting Over Lights:

Have you ever been into a fight with your sibling over choosing the color of lights that will be decorating the house for the festival? Well, of course, you have. Fun Fact: I have also been into fights with my father on the same topic. I know my reason for claiming Diwali to be my favourite festival. It’s nothing else but the lights and positivity it spreads around. Yes, we all are obsessed with the Diwali lights and every year, we try to decorate our houses in the best and unique way we could. All these silly fights with our siblings or father sometimes, keep the excitement of the festival intact, right? When your dad wants to go for some multi-colored contrast, and your younger siblings want some funky neon- colored, it is really difficult to ask them to settle for mainstream and regular golden lights, right? Another fact that you would definitely relate to. The excitement we show before putting the lights all over, and the laziness we come up with before putting them down is really contradictory. It feels like punishment when our parents ask us to put the lights back to the store. 

  • Homemade Fire-Extinguisher:

The best award for being the most dramatic in Oscars should go to all the brown mothers. Yes, every time they panic before bursting the crackers as if we were about to launch some anti-tank missile from our houses. The mandatory bucket of water that your mother asks you to keep nearby in case of emergency drives us crazy, right? But then I think it is really cute of them and I surely miss these things once Diwali is finished. 

  • Retreating Cleaning:

Remember Diwali night and all the fun we have until we realise the fact that we got to work off our asses the next day. Yes, the next morning leaves us with all the domestic chores like disposing of the burnt crackers, cleaning the dishes, disposing of the rangoli, etc.

So, I believe each one of you must be still thinking about incidents that click to your mind after reading these facts. Do you also get eager to celebrate this year’s Diwali with your friends and family already? Let’s keep cherishing all the memories we have with our families and loved ones.

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