Become a Prime Seller on Amazon.

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Be it an online business or regular store, giving discounts, deals and promotion codes can be an advantage for your sales. In a year Amazon offers frequent special sale weekends, or festive sale weeks with irresistible bargains from sellers to tempt its users to place an order. 

Slashed rates obviously increase the foot fall of customers and they tend to shop more given the sales and amazing deals.

Listed below are few ways of how you can avail Prime benefits.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

To avail Prime services, you can do Amazon Seller Registration with Amazon’s FBA.

The Prime services are offered on the items that are fulfilled by Amazon. If you are a registered FBA seller, the products you sell will be qualified for Amazon Prime and the Prime symbol will automatically appear for those items on the Amazon.

To sign up or register yourself for Amazon FBA, you can go to your seller account and direct to Settings > Account Info > My Service > register for FBA.

Register for Local Shops on Amazon

It’s a program that allows the sellers to register their actual shops and stores on Amazon and appeal to a larger audience through Amazon. Here, you get easy access to Amazon’s ‘Prime Badge’ which will obviously help the users to identify and find you better, by investing in the best Amazon marketing agencies.

For applying for local shops, you are required to give the proof of a physical store. Plus, you should be able to make deliveries within 2 days and provide essential services like giving demo or installation depending upon your product.

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

This is an ‘Invite only’ Program for Easy Ship Sellers under which, a seller can store and pack inventory at their facilities and then shipping is carried by Amazon. It facilitates Prime experience to your customers for the products which can be easily shipped from your storage facility, reducing the cost of facility.

There are options like lightening deals on Amazon to compel the buyers to immediately make the payment at unbelievable offer which is there for limited time. You can set up limited time promotions on your products via coupons & lightning deals or even consider the facebook ads for Amazon sellers to target interested audience by availing services of the best Amazon consultants for your brand.

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