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Major repair the bathroom of the room is a time-consuming process with a large expenditure of time and money and includes in itself several stages.

The choice of interior design is the initial step. You should imagine the future bathroom and decide on its design. It is very important to choose the right model from the range of floating vanities (very popular in 2020). It is best if a room project is drawn up, which can be done on a regular sheet. After all, it is the design decision that will influence the mood during the stay in the room. Having made a choice of interior design that is able to emphasize the individual style of the owner, you can proceed to the preparation stage.

At the stage of creating a design, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Decide on a bathroom – it can be a cast-iron bath, steel, acrylic, choose its exact location and dimensions. Decide on medicine cabinets with lights and 24 inches bathroom vanity that also can be floating. Perhaps there is a desire to install a shower stall or combine a toilet with a bath. Think about the color of the room. The ideal option is a combination of white with blue or red, but black can emphasize individuality. 


Preparatory work takes a lot of time. Demolition work means removing old pipes, coatings, wiring, and other parts in a room. It is important not to make mistakes that will take even longer to fix. It is better to prepare the premises slowly.

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Taking into account what kind of coating is chosen for the walls, ceiling, and floor, and surface preparation is carried out. Almost always, during the preparatory work, old tiles, paint, whitewash, etc. are removed. In the case when new tiles will be laid on the walls and floor in the bathroom, they must be leveled and primed. In some cases, it is better to make notches on previously painted walls. Risks are made in order not to completely remove old paint from the walls. Consequently, the adhesion of the tile adhesive to the wall will be more reliable.

During this stage, it is necessary to get rid of old plumbing fixtures, replace electrical wiring, sewer and water pipes. Upon completion of the repair, new devices are installed in place of the old plumbing.

The installation of the bathtub can be carried out at any time before laying the floors, or it can be installed after the preparatory work is completed. At the time when the floors are being laid, the place for the bath must be closed with a partition. It is better to get rid of construction waste immediately so that it does not accumulate and block up the aisles.


After repairing the walls and laying the flooring, you can start attaching the faucet, installing bath and sink. The ceiling can be stretched, painted, suspended or slatted.

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During the laying of the tiles, switches, sockets, and lighting devices are connected. After finishing, furniture is installed. The entrance door must be installed last. Important! Doing major repairs bathroom, not necessary to forget, that it is a wet room, and it needs to waterproofing the floor and forced ventilation.

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