Bagged and Bagless vacuum cleaners: Which one is better for you?

The time to choose has come. If you’re looking for a new vacuum, you’ve surely faced the question of “bagged or bagless?” And the answer is not always the same, but it will depend on your tastes and needs. To do this, below we will tell you more about how each model works, so you can decide for yourself!

Differences between Bagged and Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s start with the dust collection system, the main difference. While bagged vacuums store dust in a bag that you have to replace after a few uses, bagless vacuums collect dirt in a permanent container that you have to empty every so often. And so is a bagged or best bagless vacuum with retractable cord cleaner better? From here, these two systems make us find some differences in the rest of the benefits.

Capacity Comparison

Bagged have more capacity than bagless ones. This has a logical reason: the more liters that hold, the longer you can wait to change the bag.

However, in bagless vacuums, a smaller reservoir is preferable for easier cyclonic air movement. How does it work? Inside the tank, air currents are generated that retain the dirt and blow the clean air out.

In Bosch bagless vacuum cleaners you can find capacities between 1.4 and 3 liters. In the models with a bag, between 3.5 and 5 liters.

So with a bag or without a bag? In this case, if your house is large or you have animals, with a bagged vacuum cleaner you can collect more dirt without changing the bag. If animal hair is something that worries you, discover our special vacuum cleaners for pets, which manage to remove it more effectively thanks to their special accessories.

best bagless vacuum with retractable cord
Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Cleanliness and hygiene

Either system requires periodic cleaning. Although, are they just as hygienic? If you have a bagged vacuum, you will need to open the case to remove the sealed dust bag and throw it away. For bagless vacuum cleaners, you must remove the reservoir and empty it in the trash.

Although the bagless model has the convenience that you do not need to have a refill on hand, it has the disadvantage that when emptying the tank you have some contact with the dust. With bags this does not happen, since they keep it hermetically. That also depends on the material of the bag, since there are some excessively porous paper that could raise some dust.

Are there allergies at home? In that case, don’t think twice: a vacuum cleaner with a bag is better for you if you want to avoid any contact with dust.

Performance Comparison

When you look at performance, don’t be guided solely by the volts the vacuum has. Being stronger does not have to mean that you suck more effectively. What is really important is that you maintain consistent performance during use.

The downside to bagged vacuums is that as the bag fills with dirt, the dust collection power is somewhat reduced. In contrast, bagless vacuums are better at maintaining a more effective cleaning, since you can see how full the tank is and empty it yourself.

Noise Comparison

Generating the cyclonic air that we mentioned before inside the bagless vacuum cleaner requires a power that we can perceive in sound. The most common is to find bagless vacuums that emit fewer decibels, although the design of bagless vacuums is increasingly being improved.

Keep in mind that there are other elements that influence the noise it makes, such as the materials it is made of and how insulated the motor and other parts are. Without going any further, the quietest model from Bosch is a bagless vacuum cleaner.

best bagless vacuum with retractable cord
Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Maintenance and spare parts

Deciding whether the bagged or bagless vacuum is better when it comes to spare parts is beyond dispute. The great advantage of the bagless vacuum cleaner is precisely the savings it entails since you do not need to change bags every 2 months (which is the standard frequency of a bag vacuum cleaner). It is as convenient and inexpensive as emptying the tank yourself!

If you have a bagged vacuum, do you know which bag to buy? In the case of Bosch, it is no mystery. The bags G All are universal for any model of the brand.

As for the rest of the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, another essential element is the filters  In this case it does not matter whether or not you have a bag, as to how quickly they get dirty is more a question of the overall quality of the vacuum cleaner. It is true that there are vacuum cleaners that have sensors that notify you when it is necessary to clean the filter. For example, our cordless vacuum cleaners are capable of always maintaining maximum performance and, when they perceive that it is low, an LED light lights up for you to clean the filter.

After you’ve gone through all the differences between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, which one is better for you? We hope we have helped you reach a verdict. Buy these vacuums from Best Pick Vacuum.

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