Why Do We Need an Automatic License Plate Recognition System for Road Safety?

These days, technological advances have been very supportive of law enforcement and security. Automatic License Plate Recognition System has come up as a proven technology for doing the same. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System is widely used to record images from the cameras and license plate number. It scans license plates of vehicles with OCR technology.

This technology is widely used by law enforcement agencies across the world to check whether a vehicle is licensed or registered. It is widely used for collecting toll tax on checkpoints and to index the traffic activities by highway authorities. 

Generally, these systems use infrared lights to allow the camera to record images anytime. This technology has been widely used considering the differences in number plates from one place to another.

Some of the arrangements of vehicle license plates have variations in placement and font sizes. This technology is capable of detecting such changes to be very effective. A lot of complex systems are there to detect major differences as a lot of programs are modified as per the country.

Generally, CCTV cameras are used in ANPR systems along with mobile units fixed to the vehicles. Some number plate recognition systems also work with infrared cameras to capture high-quality images at low light. This software relies on the best hardware to connect to other databases and servers.

There are two important approaches that ANPR system follows –

  • Perform the whole process on the spot
  • Transmit all the images from different lanes to a server for OCR process

The data recorded from license plates like date/time, alphanumeric, and lane identification can be completed in just a few milliseconds. This information can be transmitted to a computer which is located far away for the next processing when needed.

There are plenty of computers in other sequences which are used in servers to deal with heavy workloads. There is a strong need for these systems to transmit images to remote computers. It requires the transmission of larger bandwidth. A lot of nations have started the use of retro-reflective license plates. This way, reflected light is returned back to the source and it improves image quality. It can be achieved only with dedicated ANPR systems.

Why do we need Automatic License Plate Recognition systems?

  • ANPR systems can be very helpful to keep track of the average speed of vehicles on long distances.
  • Widely used to detect motorist when they drive off without paying for toll taxes
  • Analyze the origin/destination and route choice of motorists for transports
  • Helpful for traffic management
  • Recognizes the driver on the basis of their license plate and provide complete details to the officials
  • Recognize vehicles of guests to help in visitor management

Benefits of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

It goes without saying that the best ANPR system can do better with advanced technology. These systems are really performing well as they are a lot more advanced now. This way, law enforcement agencies and security teams can carefully use this type of technology. Here are some of the key benefits of automatic number plate recognition system –

Removes Crime

Instead of catching criminals who have committed crimes already, security agencies and teams can easily prevent the crimes that might happen for the first time in the first place. With the presence of cameras, people may not commit crimes in high-risk areas as they understand that it wouldn’t be possible to escape. It is not easy to hide from the license plate recognition system on the roads. So, there will be fewer options to escape for crooks.

No risky situations

Security officials often have to confront and deal with dangerous criminals. It is the reality behind working for security and law enforcement. But it is not possible to totally avoid the risk of a situation. This way, license plate recognition software can easily inform the officers about what they are dealing with. For example, if a license plate is detected by an officer or guard which belongs to a violent criminal, they can easily call the backup before dealing with the suspect. Information is very vital for an officer in the field. There are several effective ways to gather information and read license plates on the go.

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