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Become the designer of the World you see today, become an architecture

Julie Morgan said,” Architecture is a visual art, and the building speaks for themselves.” So the developed world we see today. Also, the hi-tech infrastructure that is growing the world… Read more
BBA in Aviation

Give Your Management Skills Wings to Fly- BBA in Aviation Management

The aviation industry has grown with a CAGR/Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.13% from a Financial Year 2016-20. This year the air traffic was 341.05 million. This in itself is… Read more

Master the Science Behind the “Machines-Making”: Mechanical Engineering

What has eased out the lives of “human-machines” is nothing but “human-made machines”. You see aeroplanes, steam engines, thermal sensors, cars and more all around you. How is made? What… Read more
why mechanical engineering

Why is Mechanical Engineering field gaining popularity in India?

In today’s contemporary scenario, it is impossible to live without using any machine and with the evolution in automation, mechanical engineering has become one of the most coveted branches of engineering. Considered to be… Read more
chemical engineers

How are Chemical Engineers Changing Every Industry?

The main role of chemical engineers is to design and troubleshoot processes for the production of chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and biological. Employed by big manufacturing plants to maximise productivity… Read more