Dr. Dipak Nandi

Dipak Nandi MD: How a Specialized Partner Transforms your DME Billing

Experts feared that the latest round of competitive bidding for DME items will lead to declines in reimbursements. However, the industry was spared that fate in October with the CMS… Read more
Dr. Dipak Nandi

Dipak Nandi MD: how the Telemedicine platform has changed the whole healthcare industry

Even though the platform was introduced ages ago, the telemedicine platform hardly made it to the top. Until now with the recent pandemic crisis, which not only showed growth and… Read more

Dipak Nandi: Telemedicine has Finally Taken the Mainstream Role

The US Telehealth market is expected to reach around $10 million by the end of 2020. It has a high double-digit YOY growth of around 80% with the influence of… Read more