Analyzing A Piece of Meira T Jewelry

Meira T Jewelry, named after founder and designer Meira Tugendhaft, represents one of the most colorful catalogs of jewelry in the modern world. Driven by a few key influences, Meira T’s collection of jewelry includes pieces that are intended to appeal to a wide variety of tastes all while hardly diverging from them.

Meira Tugendhaft has a passion for travel, for culture, and for natural beauty. Whether this beauty is a product of the natural gold, diamonds and colored gemstones she uses to create her final works or a distillation of the influences of the architecture in a city she has visited is up to the analysis of the viewer. With that in mind, there are so many layers to a piece of Meira T jewelry that a volume could be written on the vision and execution of a single piece.

To serve as an example, consider the following piece of jewelry from her collection. Take a minute to absorb the impression of her Moon and Star Diamond Necklace in White Gold.

Interestingly enough for a Meira T piece, this necklace doesn’t appear to include any asymmetrical features or imbalanced proportions. Often she includes these in her jewelry to draw attention to a certain detail or element of style, but on its surface this piece of jewelry is perfectly balanced – unless you consider the fact that separate sides contain their own charms, but that is another story.

Without wasting words on an idle description of the product, it contains the likeness of a thin crescent moon and a small star in white gold and accented with minute white diamonds, all displayed from a delicate white gold chain.

At first sight, it is simply pretty, but when you take a moment to develop a more intimate familiarity with the necklace the visionary genius that executed it comes to the light.

As stated, this necklace is without the asymmetry that is typical of her other pieces and serves to draw attention to specific features. This may be because this piece of jewelry deserves the balance that can be afforded the natural beauty of the moon and stars, or in this case, a star. Meira T has been heavily inspired by the beauty of nature and this piece makes that apparent.

More can be said of the fact that this piece appears in white gold rather than yellow gold. Yellow gold is very popular, but, to some, white gold is even more esteemed. Interestingly, white gold appears humbly as silver, yet is significantly more valuable, as are the moon and stars to those that take the time to get to know them. In addition, the white gold, just as valuable as the yellow gold that is more popular, is more akin to the suave light of the moon and stars that are represented in this necklace.

One might also say that the presence of the moon and stars is gentle, as is the night that surrounds them. That can be seen reflected in the fact that she has represented the moon as a sliver of a crescent and the star on a smaller scale as well. They are gentle, suggestive rather than dominant, but still beautiful. Putting the final accent on this piece is the fact that so many small diamonds went into the making of it. Rather than overbearing with several larger stones, the quiet influence of these fixtures of the night is encapsulated in the collection of many smaller pieces. It is the ideal poetic representation of the moon and stars.

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