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For those who enjoy the intoxicating flavors of fine tobacco, cigars come first. Personal preferences can fall by the wayside when shopping for good tobacco, whether online or in person. It’s about the cigars and the care of the cigars. A shop isn’t worth much if it doesn’t sell your favorite cigars, or, almost as importantly, care for them properly.

That’s the first and most important prerequisite when assessing an online cigar store, especially since with an online store you can’t personally audit their processes. It’s impossible to know how things are done behind the scenes without personal insight. However, experience and a history of quality customer service will show themselves and can be relied upon, so you can once more fall back on the prerequisite of a selection of premium cigars.

A large selection of cigar brands will serve as a testament to some of the value of an online cigar shop, and if you can find your favorite cigars there, then that online cigar retailer will have passed the first metric of quality. What remains afterward? When you aim to buy cigars online, what else matters besides a selection of top brands?

For one thing, price matters. If you can satisfy your need for a large selection of top cigars, then something else to look for is a seller that offers them at better prices. A discount cigar is not always discount quality, and an RYJ 1875 or a Rocky Patel will be the same – assuming it has been cared for properly – basically no matter where you get it. Find a place where you can purchase cigars at the best price and you will be in a good spot.

There’s more beyond selection and price. Look for an online cigar store that offers not only the best cigar prices but also a large range of cigar accessories. You can’t enjoy your favorite cigar without a light and a cutter, and you might want a deep ashtray with a stirrup as well. It’s good for the company, too.

Then again, you can’t care for your cigars without the proper humidors and humidification accessories. You might want a cigar supplier that offers these as well as cases too, in the event you want to bring them on the go.

Beyond this, you might want to look for some extras. Some online sellers sell cigar samplers and offer cigar memberships as well. Sometimes these providers send out special deals and newsletters. If you can find a cigar shop online that offers free shipping on top of its cigars and tobacco products, then you’ve covered nearly every base.

Which brings Atlantic Cigar into the matter at hand. They’ve got selection and prices down pat and they have for a while, so it comes down to the other metrics. For one thing, they offer a huge range of accessories as well as humidification accessories, as well as samplers, excellent customer service, a membership program, and more. They even offer free shipping on orders $199 and up, and for VIP members, free shipping on orders over $150.

Finally, it’s about service. When you need more than just the best cigars and accessories at the best prices, it comes down to service. Maybe you would like a recommendation or would like some suggestions before you pick up a new lighter or cutter. Perhaps you would like to learn more about where and how tobacco is grown and aged and how it makes a difference. That’s the kind of thing for which you can lean on Atlantic Cigar’s staff and their experience. Visit their website,, where you can stock up on your favorites, but remember, their customer service team is only a call away at 800-887-7877 if you need more.

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