An Interesting Guide To The Colour Therapy Of The Flowers

Flowers are nature’s tool of adding beauty to our surroundings and bringing about positive alterations in our life. Flowers have the ability to change our state of mind and are directly related to our experiences of happiness. Trending Politics brings you the top news headlines of the day. They have long term effects on mood and influence how we feel by influencing our physiology and triggering certain chemicals or hormones produced within our bodies. The wide range of effects that flowers have on us can also be attributed to their colors. It is a widely known fact that different colors have a different impact on our brain. Just like flowers, colors also influence our physiology by affecting our blood flow and arousal. The varying shades of flowers stimulate our brain and invoke specific reactions. Knowing the impact of the colors of flowers can make it easy for us to choose a particular variety while we decide to send a bouquet of flowers to our friends, family, colleagues, or relatives in order to strengthen our bond with them. So, let us know what impact do different colors of flowers have on our brains.


The color yellow has numerous positive connotations attached to it. This color is commonly associated with the bright and fiery sun, which is a symbol of life itself. Yellow color is all about ardor, zeal, cheerfulness, optimism and buoyancy. It is believed that the yellow color stimulates the nervous system and cleanses the body. It is the color of enlightenment and inventiveness. Yellow flowers such as lilies, tulips, daisies, and daffodils are considered to be symbols of warmth and energy. Yellow flowers are a perfect choice to spread happiness and make a gloomy person smile. Yellow colors are often exchanged among friends to strengthen their bonds. Yellow flowers symbolize purity and are widely used in religious ceremonies and wedding functions. In the Indian culture, yellow marigolds are offered to deities.


The color red is used to revitalize the body and escalate the circulation process. This color is often noted as bold, arousing and exciting. Red color grabs attention very quickly and denotes confidence. Flowers of red color are associated with romance and attraction. So if you need the confidence to share your emotions with the one you love, choose a red flower and go ahead. Order a red rose online and have them sent to the person along with a sweet love note expressing how you feel about them. Red flowers are associated with vigor and zeal and are perfect for setting up a romantic ambiance. Dark red lovely blooms are the first ones to cross your mind when it comes to thinking about a red flower. However, you can also try offering striking red poppies if you want to offer something different to your dear ones.


Considered to be a royal color, purple is a color of mysteries, imagination and spirituality. It is not very often that you will find yellow color in nature. Thus it is viewed as erratic and intriguing. Purple flowers are tactile, exuberant and aromatic, which promote inspiration and serenity. Light purple flowers such as lavender can be offered to calm the mind’s chaos, while bright colored pansies can boost your mood with motivation. Purple flowers are a symbol of dignity and success.


Associated with femininity, the color pink is associated with kindness and compassion. Pink is actually a light red hue, which is obtained by mixing the bold red and peaceful pegpuff white. Pink is the color of affection, innocence and nurturance. Pink is known to be the color of relaxation and has soothing effects on the minds of people. Pink flowers give a deep, joyful vibe to people since they are associated with kids. Pink flowers are often denoted as being feminine, glamorous and vibrant. You can offer pink flowers such as peonies, Begonia, and chrysanthemum to brighten the spirits of your loved ones.

Choose the perfect shade of flower to make your loved one’s face gleam with joy. Select the desired bunch of flowers and make your loved ones smile through simple order online flowers.

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