What is the Admission Criteria of American University of the Caribbean Medical School?

What is the Admission Criteria of American University of the Caribbean Medical School?

Have you been planning to take admission in the best medical school of Sint Maarten School of Medicine? Do you want to know about the clear admission criterion to take admission in this medical school?

If not, then here we have the quick guideline for you, which will help you to know which documents are necessary to be attached to the application form and how you can get selected!

Let’s have a look!

What will you need for the application process Sint Maarten school of medicine?

AUC’s Admissions Committee will take into account so many actors at the time of reviewing the application of the candidate at the time of admission. This will include the candidate’s MCAT score as well as undergraduate performance along with their critical judgment skills, life experiences, social maturity, or performance in graduate school if it is applicable.

On an individual basis, the whole evaluation of the admission will be carried out. It is recommended that the applicant should take help from the committee or the admission team to know about the basic elements to enter the medical school successfully. The team will guide them about how much competitive scoring of MCAT is required, a score of GPA, and the rest of the major requirements.

It is also mandatory that the applicant should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Plus, they should also be submitting their MCAT score document. MCAT is a requirement even for those candidates who are permanent residents or citizens of the US. All the non-US permanent residents or the citizens can appear in different tests such as UCAT, MCAT, GAMSAT, or NEET.

If you are an Indian nationality holder, they should appear for the NEET practice held in India. This exam is generally taken in English. It is also to be mentioned that the American University of The Caribbean Medical School will not be considering the UCAT or the MCAT score, which is more than five years old.

Performance in Undergraduate Studies

AUC admission committee will be considering the GPA as well as a Science GPA at the time of the admission process. AUC will be examining the candidates who are non-native English speakers or those candidates who have done their graduation from a university in which education is not provided in the language of English.

Two types of tests that will be arranged by the AUC are:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • TOEFL Test Of English foreign language.

Major Medical School Prerequisites

  • Biology for one year has eight credit hours also including laboratory
  • General Chemistry for one year has eight credit hours also including laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry for one year has eight credit hours also including laboratory
  • General Physics for one year has four credit hours also including laboratory

Supporting Documentation is required

A personal statement is required to be attached along with the application form. It should not be more than 750 words. A personal statement by AMCAS is also accepted.

Letters of Recommendation

  • The applicant must be provided with at least one letter, which should be signed by the individual academic professor along with one professional letter.
  • If it is applicable, then you also have to provide a pre-medical advisory committee letter as well.
  • If a professional letter is not obtained, then you have to provide two academic letters.
  • If you are not able to provide the academic letters, then you should submit a maximum of 2 professional letters as a requirement.

The admission committee will also be considering the educational, volunteer experience, and employment background of them dating back to the time of high school. You have to meet this requirement through the resume or CV.

Requirement of Transcripts

You also have to provide all the official transcripts of yours of all the previous schools which you have attended. For the foreign schools, you have to provide the notarized copies of your original transcripts, which need to be directed to the AUC at the time when the official transcripts are yet not readily available. Hence all the official transcripts must be followed within the set of notarized copies before the matriculation.

Download Online Lectures of Dr Najeeb

If you are facing any sort of issue to score high on the MCAT test or if you want to clear your concepts of different medical or health subjects, then checking out Dr Najeeb’s lectures is the best option for you. He guides you best through his lectures, where he is providing a graphical set-up of online videos through his lectures for a clear and easy understanding.


All the students who are in need of financial aid, and they do feel that they are deserving enough as well, then choosing the AUC scholarship is the best opportunity for them. AUC medical school has been providing a wide range of scholarship options to the students over financial aid purposes.

The main purpose of letting the student acquire the scholarship is just to motivate them to build a stronger future towards lifelong learning, leadership, and dedicate their learning towards the diverse fields of international community knowledge.

By means of offering the scholarships, AUC has been planning to attract deserving students who are not willing to study in AUC due to some financial constraints. University will be providing the students with the empowerment with which they can create their positive image all over the world by serving the medical world.

The American University of the Caribbean is also offering a scholarship which is based on both need and merit. Those candidates who are having special qualification such as artistic talent or ay academic quality, they will be striving themselves to achieve for the financial aid scholarship. This medical university is also the best of the scholarship options to the students of the graduate and undergraduate level.

Hence AUC has been offering almost 90 scholarships, which are all supported by corporations and individuals. All such funds have enabled the medical university to educate and recruit eligible students who are coming from various cities or educational backgrounds.

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