Advantages Of Mercusys Router And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Mercusys is a manufacturing company having some expertise in a wide scope of Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi connectors, signal speakers, access points, and other devices The company’s central command is situated in Shenzhen, China. Now, somedays mercusys router is the latest technology and includes many features. It works very well. You can access the Internet on your connected devices from anywhere in your home by installing the Mercusys router. This router is efficient at offering a wire-free coverage of up to 500 m², so you can online HD videos and watch your favorite TV serials on your connected device from the kitchen, backyard, or your bedroom.

You can appreciate a quick and dependable web network on your device as this mercusys router utilizes MIMO technology. Four antennas to incredibly improve its sign transmission and gathering capacities. With this router, you can say goodbye to the signal drop, so that you can watch your favorite TV show or online videos online without buffering. This router has many advantages and how I use it, I will tell you in this article.

High speed

The first advantage of this router is that its speed is very high and in the clothes of the router. The speed of this router is fast because it has 4 antennas. High speed among single, double, and triple, and four antennas WiFi router. Your mercusys router proficiency relies upon the number of antennas it has. The speed of moving information is estimate in megabits each second (Mbps).

For instance, a single-antennas ideal speed is up to 750 Mbps, a double antennas WiFi router clocks up to 1625 Mbps, and a tri-antennas router 2166, and four-antennas furnishes the quickest paces with up to 1900 Mbps on each band.

Better guest network functionality

It also has the advantage that it gives guest networkers. Guest Network means it provides a network to guests visiting your home with security. Regardless of whether you’re a small enterprise or business with WiFi or utilizing WiFi at home, you might need to offer WiFi to your guest. In any case, you need to ensure it’s protect and guests don’t approach delicate data on your network. At the point when you move up to a mercusys router with a security control function. This can guarantee that your private and secret information stays secure.

Log-in to the mercusys router

You can use it only if you log in with it properly. It is very easy to log in and it gets login very quickly. Before logging in, you will have to decide on a place, where to place the router. Place the router around the device from which you want to connect the router. You should not cover it away from that device. After the router selects the place, you have to open the web browser on your device. You have to type in the search bar of the web browser and hit enter. If you do not have this site, then you can also enter the router’s address.

Then you will have a page showing it will be 2 fields, Username field, and Password field. If you do not know its username and password, you have purchased a new router. Then you can write an admin in both these fields. And click log-in. If you have already logged in, then you can log in by entering your old username ID and password. And now, mercusys login process is complete.

Set up the mercusys router

Its setup is very important to use it if it is not set up properly then you cannot use it. I will tell you how to set it up properly. To set this up, first of all, connect the PC to another LAN port on your Mercusys router using an Ethernet cable. You should know the IP address of your router and log in to it. If you do not want to log in with this address. Then you can also do its website, this is mercusys_re_xxxx website. If you want to change the IP address of your router. Then you have to go to the network, it will be on the side of the menu.

Clicking on the network, a lot of options will come after clicking, but we have to click on the LAN setting. Then you have to choose the manual, and then you can keep a new IP address. And your IP address will be change. After that, you have to go to the wireless settings, click on it, after clicking the host network will appear and click on it. Now, set the network name and password and click save. And now, setting up the mercusys router is done.

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