Achieve Employee Engagement in 2021: Top Five Apps You Must Know

Keeping employees engaged is among the toughest job for an HR leader.

Disengagement among employees could alter the way the organization functions. Based on a report by the Predictive Index, lack of employee engagement costs U.S. businesses around USD 483 billion to USD 605 billion almost every year.

Precisely, even if you boost engagement by a single percentage point, the annual revenue could grow up to USD 100,000.

No wonder why every organization needs to strictly support employee engagement.

Without wasting much time, let us dive right into defining the best employee engagement app you need to use before it’s too late.

  • Qualtrics

With Qualtrics you not only measure the engagement level of your employees but also merge this app with other platforms. Doing so eases the way you distribute surveys and can keep track of the responses. Every minute details that are gathered in the app can be shared across your business as well. in simple words, you get to share transparency in the organization thus gaining the trust of your employees.

  • Culture Amp

An app that helps the organization understand how the employee feels about the work they’ve been assigned to do. Culture Amp provides complete analysis and feedback on the team’s situation. Besides this, it also provides information on more than 1,400 other companies that use the same app.

The app provides multiple other options to check how the status of the employee is based upon the information gathered.

  • is known to be one of the most powerful employee engagement apps. The reason being, this app gives you the advantage of sending customized polls, customized surveys, personalized communications, and company-wide broadcasts within a jiffy.

Since this app allows transparency within the organization, HR leaders, talent management professionals, and HR professionals could even host parties to celebrate their achievements. Before we move to the other app, be sure to collect reviews and feedback from each of the employees. Most importantly, you need to ensure employees stay connected with their other co-workers too.

  • SurveyMonkey

Perhaps you’ve come across surveys from SurveyMonkey. It is one of the most common apps known to most communities. It is not quite the typical type of an app to keep employees engaged but it sure can be used for the same purpose. Based on any type of research you’re doing; the questionnaires can be curated around those lines.

SurveyMonkey is one of the easiest apps you will come across.

  • TINYpulse

As the name suggests, this app keeps a pulse check on the employees. Through their surveys, organizations get to measure factors like the office culture and feelings of an employee. It gives you information about your teams’ well-being.

Besides this, the app has a feature known as “cheers peers” – this allows every employee to celebrate when someone achieves a goal.

Most companies face challenges while trying to manage the workforce’s ability, expertise, and power to retain in organizations. Perhaps this is one major reason why HR professionals need to stress more on talent management and employee engagement. In addition to this, these apps are quite beneficial for professionals in the HR industry.

Although talent management is not solely meant just to boost the productivity of the employees, also helps train and retain talents within the organization. It focuses more on increasing employee’s innovation, creativity, and passion for becoming a suitable talent for the organization.

Despite being different, both talent management and HR need to go hand-in-hand. If you’re not aware, talent management is a function that exists within the HR domain itself. Talent management helps the organization attract, develop, and retain employees.

If need be, you can also upgrade your skills through top talent management and HR certifications. Professional certifications in the HR industry have proven to be the most ideal way to stand out from a multitude of other candidates seeking their careers in HR.

With time the concept of talent management has significantly risen within the human resources industry. Most companies now consider talent management to be a sure shot strategy that needs to be followed to manage talent.

An organization that follows talent management is said to have a better retention rate, better hiring methodologies, development of consistent talents, build trust within the organization, and improve the growth of employees.

It is a proven fact that any organization with a talent management plan in place is said to gain a competitive edge and accelerate overall human resources capabilities.

In conclusion

Talented employees tend to leave the organization if their talents are not being recognized. More often, if they’re not satisfied with the responsibilities or rewards. Mentoring, coaching, succession planning, and leadership development should be the top priory of every HR leader and professional to retain employees. Not only will this lead in finding the right talent but also have the organization follow a structured and organized vision for the future.

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