Signs, Trends, and Mistakes to avoid – All about Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the building. So it’s understandable that you want them to feel and look as opulent as possible. If you’re looking for Bathroom Renovations Brighton, follow the below guidelines to ensure the best results.

Signs you may need a bathroom renovation:

You are disappointed with your bathroom – If you go into your bathroom every day and groan. It’s a clear indication that a renovation is in order. You may have only one pet peeve, and that pet peeve is ruining the atmosphere in your room. One benefit of a bathroom renovation is that minor changes will enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

You’re moving to a new house – If you’ve recently chosen to sell and move. A bathroom renovation will give your home a competitive advantage and improve its overall value.

Your bathroom is outdated – If you’ve had the same bathroom for 70 or 80 years. Chances are it’s starting to look a little worn out, and a bathroom renovation might breathe new life into space.

The most recent bathroom renovation trends:

Papered walls – Background wallpapers have recently undergone a resurgence. It is now possible to use new types of wallpaper in a wet and steamy environment. Many homeowners and decorators don’t want to miss out on the ability to decorate their bathrooms with fun and colourful designs now that ventilation systems have improved. Consider using light floral or geometric patterns on your tile wainscoting. 

Bathtub shapes – You are way behind the times if you assume there is only one regular kind of bathtub! Bathtubs come in several bizarre forms in the most sophisticated bathroom designs. Including those designed to use less water and those designed to hold the body comfortably.

Soft edges – Bathroom designers are moving away from minimalism’s rough edges and straight lines today. Softer, more natural looks are becoming increasingly common. Curved storage units, shower stalls, and vanities are becoming more common due to the added comfort.

Asymmetry – Although symmetrical placements are historically accepted as a prerequisite for all interiors. Many designers have recently experimented with harmonised asymmetry to create very appealing designs. Use subtle touches, including unusually spaced tiles and overhanging sinks, to integrate this pattern into your bathroom.

Customisable Toilets – The new toilet designs include a range of adjustable choices. That make the toilet more available to people of all ages, heights, and disabilities. Some toilets also take cultural preferences into account, encouraging users to stand, sit, or squat.

Stop these blunders at all costs.

Make sure you have enough access to your plumbing at all times. It’s unlikely that you’ll be pleased if the plumber has to hack into a wall or dig up your tiles just to get to the channels.


Having sufficient storage would make your room more practical, comfortable, and efficient. Bear in mind that you’ll need to find storage space. When done with Bathroom Renovations Sandringham for various products and objects.

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