A Three Great Home Remedy For Twisted Ankles

One of the best remedies for twisted ankles is what’s called in the old-world cooking, “grandmother’s” apples. Now, no one has ever claimed that these popular recipes help the injured ankle, but they do provide a very easy way to control the swelling and pain of an injured ankle. The apple, with its tart apple cider flavor, is also a very soothing medicine for the aching joints, muscles, and tendons that you’ll be experiencing later on down the road.

Many people have reported a lot of relief to chew a whole apple. For those of you who are not accustomed to this method, it is said that simply chewing on the apple for a few minutes every hour can help keep the soreness down.

The next one of the “grandmother’s” remedies for twisted ankles is a pretty sweet recipe. It is simply peeled and cut up an apple. Then you cut the apple into small pieces, and place these pieces on the ankle where the injury is. Using a bandage or some sort of adhesive, you’ll want to wrap the apple slices around the ankle, and leave it there for some time.

The third one is actually derived from an herb – it is a natural feverfew tea, with a cinnamon stick added to it. This is said to be a great treatment for sprains and other types of tendon-related injuries. If you’re thinking that I’m stretching the truth a little bit, you’d be right!

Add one teaspoon of dried fresh basil leaves to a glass of milk, and then pour boiling water over the basil and milk mixture. Strain out the basil, and let the milk cool a bit, then you will have a pretty tasty drink.

The last two cures are a little bit more difficult to find – and as they are primarily at the body store or health food store, you might have to take them as a little bit of a gamb.

But, if you try to combine an apple and honey cure, you might be in for a treat. Simply add half a cup of ground up raw chopped almonds to a cup of raw chopped raw walnuts, and steep it all for about an hour. After it’s steeped for about an hour, drink it.

Now, don’t let the word “sprain” scare you – you’ve probably got plenty of other things to worry about that day, so don’t put your life in danger, and try either grapefruit juice or apple juice as a remedy for a sprained ankle. But if you get into the habit of drinking these at least three times a day, you should notice some relief in your ankle pain, pretty soon.

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