A Spa Frog Starter Kit Can Put Time Back in Your Day

Time is probably the one thing that is probably in the shortest supply among pool and hot tub owners. With more time, you could either make it easier to streamline the processes by which you maintain your spa, and on the other hand you could actually get back to what matters and spend more time in the spa. There’s no way to do away with the routine maintenance and shocking that you will have to perform in order to keep your spa in good order, but there definitely are ways to cut down on the time you put into the process.

As a specific example, you will have to shock, sanitize and test your hot tub water when you are opening it up and starting it, and there’s no way around that. There are products, however, that can make your life easier. Some of them are not only easy to administer but time effective as well, and one of the best of these is a spa frog starter kit.

Typically, opening up a spa is a huge time sink, and one that necessarily has to be performed before you, or anyone, can enjoy the soothing waters. You have to fill up the spa – which can take half a day in and of itself, and then you need to shock, balance and test the water. A Spa Frog Starter Kit, for its part, makes that entire process a little bit easier and more time efficient.

For the most part, you can say goodbye to tedious measurements, trial and error. One of their starter kits couldn’t be easier to use, and as long as you know the volume of your hot tub, it doesn’t even require any measurement. Their starter kits come in easy to use packages that you can quite literally open up and pour into the water.

The Spa Frog Jump Start Packet, for example, comes in an easy to use and convenient 1 and a half ounce packet that you just need to pour into the water. For hot tubs under 500 gallons, it shocks the water and it even sets the initial chlorine levels. It’s also the perfect complement to the Spa Frog in-line or floating systems to keep your hot tub clean, clear and ready to use.

This starter kit can boil down most of the processes to shocking a hot tub prior to opening to a couple of minutes or hours at most and make the entire process much more efficient. All of that comes down to more time for you – more time to enjoy the hot tub with friends and family.

In addition to their starter kits, Spa Frog offers a number of other products that are designed to make your life as a hot tub owner much easier, at the same time giving you more time to enjoy the hot tub. Consider the Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge, which can keep the levels of sanitizer in your hot tub stable for up to four weeks, depending on the size of the tub and frequency of usage, among other factors.

When it comes down to it, Spa Frog products are just what hot tub owners need in order to make their lives easier so they can get back to enjoying their hot tubs instead of just taking care of them. If you’re looking for Spa Frog products, check out Hot Tub Club, where you will find not only a huge assortment, but an experienced team that is ready and willing to help.Visit HotTub.Club today, and if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to their team at 866-546-8882 for pointers on products or chemicals.

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