A Solution to “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile”

Facebook users are always curious to know who viewed their profile recently. Despite the demand and desire from so many users, Facebook has never provided the features officially. But that didn’t stop the third-party apps from taking advantage of the situation.

Facebook is a big platform with many interesting features, and some insights are available for users, such as friends’ activities and more. But it is practically impossible for the users to see who viewed their profile. Today, in this article, we will look at the options available for the users.

Can you see who views your Facebook Profile?

The straight answer to this question is ‘No’ and it can be seen in the Facebook Help Center. Facebook states, ‘No, Facebook does not let people track who views their profile, and other third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality. If you found any such app, you should report straight back to Facebook’ in their help section.

Whenever you come across any such app that promises you to do this, you can report the app using the steps listed here.

  • First, you must select the right drop-down icon from the menu and then select Settings.
  • Now, select Apps and Websites from the left menu and then search using the app name.
  • Now, select the View and Edit option right next to the app name.
  • Now, go to the bottom of the page and select the Give Feedback option
  • A new pop will open, and then you have to select the reason why you want to report the app and then select Next.
  • Once you are done with the process, click on the Finish button.

If you take a few minutes to report such an app, it would be a service to the new users who will visit the app next time.

Why People Create Such Apps?

Well, it all depends on the demand of the people who want to see the list of profiles who viewed their profile. So, if you stopped searching for this type of feature, they would stop creating such apps.

And most importantly, they are creating these apps to gain access to your private information. Once they have what they were looking for, they will sell it to the highest bidder. It’s all about the data harvesting, and we all are a part of the problem. You must never install such apps on the computer that claim to provide you the list of profiles who viewed your profile.

  • They want to access your personal data, such as preferences and general information to sell it to the highest bidder.
  • Some hackers use these apps to gain control of your profile and then take it over.
  • Some hackers are after your purchase history and credit card details stored on the account.

So, you should revoke access to any such app or uninstall it from your computer immediately if you are using one.

Is there a way to see who views your Facebook?

There is a way to check who viewed your Facebook profile and Facebook itself provides the feature. You may have remembered the Cambridge Analytica scam that was in the news a few months back.

After that, Facebook resorted to the damage control mode and provided the feature to view who views your Facebook profile.

To see who viewed your Facebook profile, you need to follow these steps.

Who Visited My Facebook:

  • You can only do this using the iOS app, and it lets you view who viewed your profile in the last 30 days.
  • Open the app and then click on the hamburger menu and then tap on the Privacy Shortcuts option.
  • In there, you will find the ‘Who viewed my Profile’ option just below the Privacy Checkup option.

So, using these steps, you would be able to view the list of profiles.

Facebook Pages

To open the page admin option, you need to tap on the Facebook Account Login option and then enter your login credentials.

Now, open the page and click on the insights link located on the top bar. Now, you will be able to see different insights, such as likes, reach, page views, page previews, and actions. You may not be able to see who viewed your profile directly, but you will be able to see important demographics of the users coming to your page.

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