A G&G CM16 ARP9 Is Worth Its Weight in Tactical Advantage

A gas blowback pistol is fast, reliable, and maneuverable. It’s hard to beat any handgun for CQB because they are light and immensely adaptable. Only, there are a few problems. They rarely hold enough ammo. Some of them tap out near 20 or so rounds, and even with hi cap mags they aren’t going to bring enough to the table.

Plus, they may be fast, buth with an extended mag they are poorly balanced. Throw in the fact that though they are compatible with a lot of attachments, it’s hard to use a pistol with optics. So you get an AEG with tons of rail space, one that holds a lot of BBs, and one that is easy to use with optics and other attachments.

Only now you’re back at the start. Even balanced AEGs are heavy, clunky, and cumbersome compared even to average pistols. They’re also not just bulky. Even compact models have long, heavy barrels that are burdensome to maneuver, at least when compared to an airsoft handgun.

There has to be a solution, one that has the maneuverability and feel of an airsoft pistol, but with the stability, capacity, and compatibility with parts and accessories as an AEG.

There doesn’t just have to be a solution. There is one, and it hails from the line of G&G’s CM16 series of AEGs – the ARP9. From afar, the ARP9 resembles a traditional M4 style carbine, but this ARP9 has a short barrel – a snub-nose, if we may – that endows it with a lot of the utility that you would otherwise want from an airsoft pistol. It is a compact and unique package, and it is making waves in the airsoft community.

This unique and exciting entry into the lineup of G&G CM16 AEGs features high-quality construction with a lot of features favored by players. As it is made with a durable metal frame, it is extremely tough. It is also extremely compact and lightweight. On that note, one of its most immediately recognizable features is its very short barrel, which makes it optimal in CQB situations.

It is also made with a traditional solid G&G gearbox paired with 8mm bearings that ensure reliable and smooth shifting. It also gives the ARP9 the ability to stand up to heavy use, particularly during periods of heavy, full-auto fire. Players will appreciate this, as well as the fact that it can easily be switched into semi-auto firing and has a safe mode as well.

As it also comes with an installed, inline MOSFET, the ARP9 puts safety in a position of priority. This MOSFET prevents batteries from overdrawing, which is a commonly encountered problem. It also comes with a 300 round magazine and comes with an adjustable stock as well as adjustable iron sights that can be flipped down and out of the way.

On that matter, the ARP9 also has a 5-inch MilSpec M-LOK handguard rail, making it the perfect match for optics and other attachments. All it needs now is your impression to show just how useful it can be. Balanced, durable, reliable, and compact, it is the perfect twist on the traditional M4 type rifle that is optimized for CQB. From the other larger AEGs, the ARP9 retains the reliable gearbox, excellent capacity, and compatibility with attachments, but it also represents a decided improvement over them with its lightweight design and compact profile.

If you’ve been looking for an AEG that is optimized for CQB and is the perfect balance between a pistol and an AEG, you’ve just found it. To learn more or to get one for yourself today, visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com or call them at 800-581-6620.

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