A Detailed Examination of a Meira T Necklace

Meira T Jewelry stands for many things. The creator herself is a world traveler with an interesting enough life history, and like so many other creatives, she takes her experiences, the sights she has seen and the feelings she has felt, and crafts them into fine, original pieces of jewelry that are completely unique. The feeling of originality and exclusivity that emanates from a Meira T Necklace, for example, is almost palpable. It is as if her designs are imbued with a living spirit that is unique to them and can be neither imitated nor replicated.

What is also interesting is the fact that no two examples of Meira T Jewelry can be called entirely alike, but at the same time, there are some unifying trends and factors that are pervasive throughout her designs. You can see many of the influences that have colored her portfolio in any given piece of her jewelry, and so for that, we will take a very intimate look at one of her necklaces.

Taking a step back, it becomes evident that there have been many cultural and natural influences that have deeply guided her hand and vision. As her pieces of jewelry are created from natural materials, it is self-evident that she distills beauty from the natural world, and in some of the elements she infuses into her jewelry one can see the artificial, or rather, the man-made influences that linger there. To understand this we will take a more personal look at a Meira T necklace, her Circle Diamond White Gold Pendant.

Without parsing too many of the elements, this is a fine white gold chain from which is suspended a central pendant adorned with diamonds, and accented with small ornaments to the left and right. It sounds like a simple, even uninvolved design, but if you take a close look at it, its true spirit will begin to take undeniable form.

First, one must take into account the thinness, almost the frailty of the chain that supports the masterpiece. The chain itself is so fragile it is almost self-effacing; this places all of the emphasis on the other elements of the design. The diamond accents that flank the pendant do not only add sparkle and glitter to the piece; they are pleasantly, jarringly asymmetrical. Even so, they are not mismatched enough to throw off the perceived balance of the entire necklace. Rather they are slightly imbalanced in order to throw the central pendant into relief. They grab your attention, and the pendant holds it.

From a few feet back, the pendant looks like a white gold disc that is impregnated with diamond dust or just a round medallion that is geometrically arranged with white diamond chips. Taking a closer look at the pendant, it does indeed become apparent that some of the design takes on the form of diamond chips or accents; but there is also a mix of cut diamond gems in the design. They are arranged almost haphazardly but cut perfectly.

The effect here is that it almost appears that you are looking at a mosaic of a macadam or of natural granite, yet this artifact is a product of human design. It helps to represent how the beauty of manmade jewelry takes its form from natural influences and it is impossible to separate them. Whereas some designs attempt to forcefully divorce natural influences with perfection, Meira Tugendhaft recognizes that this is not only impossible but counterproductive. The beauty of these handicrafts is in the fact that they come from natural sources.

That is what you will find in just about any Meira T necklace that you pick up, and it’s one of the many reasons that her designs enjoy perennial appeal. You can find this and many other designs of Meira T Jewelry at Love My Swag on LoveMySwag.com; so if it has caught your attention, don’t delay. Visit their site today and elevate your collection.

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