9 Ways to Support Employees Manage Stress During a Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taken the world by storm. Many big corporations have switched to remote working and have devised new working strategies. But all of this has also added to work-related stress. You might have hired strong experts through amazing talent acquisition strategies. But it can still become quite difficult to take care of their mental health during such times.

Below are a few ways in which you can support your employees during coronavirus crisis:


The first thing you can do to support your employees is to educate them. Inform them about the harm that this virus can cause. Also, list all the precautionary measures and explain it to them in detail. Educating them will make them feel less afraid of the virus in general.

Also, educate them about stress and depression. As them to take it seriously and seek help every time they feel gloomy. This will build their confidence. Doing so will also enable them to lower the stigma and reach out to people regarding their problems. 

Encourage Them to Approach You

Most of the time, employees feel stressed because they think that nobody is willing to listen to them. Most of the offices have such a work culture in which people are not willing to help each other. But this can prove to be very harmful in the long run.

So, keep your doors open to your employees. Listen to their work-related concerns with patience. If they want to discuss their private matters, listen to them once or twice. Don’t shun them as they can feel left out. Also, allow them to work from home if they find it more manageable. Offer them financial help if they are facing difficult times. It will make them feel valued and appreciated. They will also remain loyal to you in the long run.

Offer Training

Lack of training can also add to employees’ stress. So besides giving them proper guidelines, you should also give your employees proper training. List all the necessary precautions to keep Coronavirus at bay. Also, guide them about how they can avoid stress.

Ask your employees to limit screen time and spend more time with family. Also, ask them to stay in contact with each other. Doing so can make them feel like they are in the same boat. They can also share their issues and feel less stressed.

Communicate Daily

You should not keep checking on your employees now and then. This is because these times of crisis still have not come to an end. So, your employees might need support from time to time. This might mean that you might need to put a lot of extra effort and time.

But if you choose to do so, you can reap huge benefits in the long run. The employees will remain loyal to you. And they might even choose to be by your side in less fortunate times. Offer them both emotional and financial support to retain them in the long run.

Share Valuable Resources

Sometimes, mere verbal support is not enough. You might need to put in more effort and resources. Think about all the resources that you can employ to support your employees. You can download e-books related to mental health/stress. Or you can arrange activities for them as well.

Ask your employees to pool in money to help those in need. This will encourage the development of compassion and empathy. Your employees will also learn to be there for each other during hard times.

Stay in Touch With Remote Workers

A pandemic shouldn’t stop you from staying in touch with remote workers. Working from home can be quite stressful. This is because there are many distractions. And you also have to manage work and other activities side by side.

You should regularly check on your remote employees. Ask them if they need anything. Also, ask them about the desired course of action related to various operations. Do audio and video calls with them now and then. This will surely make them feel valued.

Use Technology Smartly

You can use technology to reap great benefits. You might already be using tools like Zoom, Microsoft teams, and Hangouts to stay connected with your team. These tools can make projects and operations easier to manage.

But you can use the tools in another way. You can download various videos and journals to help the employees’ mental health. Also, you can appoint a mental health expert for your employees. They can talk to him/her whenever they face an issue.

Ask Your Employees to be Compassionate

During these times, employees need to be compassionate with each other. Rude words and uncooperative behavior can add to someone’s stress. So, ask your employees to be nice towards each other. And also ask them to lend their support to their colleagues whenever they might need it.

Arrange Healthy Activities

Finally, you can also arrange unique and creative activities for your employees to keep them engaged. The experts that you might have hired from a top manufacturing staffing agency can also help you to think of exciting operation-related activities. These activities can help employees to boost their productivity and have fun.

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