9 Creative Ways to Style Your Old Clothes

In this world of fashion, trends change with seasons, and wearing the same old clothes repeatedly seams to unfashionable. It is also not possible to buy new clothes every time. So what can you do to style up without wasting much money? You can always follow some creative ways to transform your old clothes to look new, and you would surely love doing it. Here we rounded up some of the creative ways to give a new look to your old clothes.

 9 Ways to Style Your Old Clothing in A New Style

1. Make A Crop Top from An Old Shirt

You can always style shirts in different styles, turning them into crop tops is also a great option. You need to tie both the end of the shirt, and you have done it. Also, you can style it in different ways like you can make it off-shoulder to look trendier. If you are styling your shirt as an off-shoulder crop top, then fold your sleeves. It will make it look modern.

2. Make A Sundress Using Old Maxi

Most of the maxi designs are colorful, and that makes it the most suitable for a sundress. Cut your maxi in style and create an above knee and sleeveless sundress for yourself. If you want to look sassy, you can even cut out your back into strappy cords. You can use it as a beach party dress as well.

3. Dye Your Old Clothes

This is the best way to give a fresh look to your old clothes. You need to tie and dye your clothes, and you’ll see a complete makeover of your clothes. The best thing about this tip is that you can use several colors on a single piece of clothing. It can be used on any piece of clothing but best suits on white clothes. 

4. Add Lace To Your Clothes

You can easily make your old clothes look trendy by just adding lace touch up. You can add lace to a mini skirt, mid-length skirt, or shorts. You need fabric fusion glue for it. Also, you can try various lace dresses for numerous occasions. Try to explore all the options using online portals like Myntra. Such stores also come up with offers and deals like Myntra offers today to avail the products at an economical price.

5. Make Mini Skirt Using Old Dresses

Transforming an old dress into a mini or mid-length skirt is the best way to use them in style. You can use old gowns or tees to turn them into a skirt. Choose your old oversized dresses that can be easily transformed. And if you do not have any oversized piece of cloth, you can use short dresses to make pencil skirts. If you want, then you can use the tie and dye method to make it look more colorful.

6. Decorate your old jean 

There are various ways you can try to decorate or style your jeans. The very first you can do is transform it into shorts. If you don’t like shorts, you can use stars and pearls to make it look different. You can also try some embroidery work on it that will make an amazing transformation of your jeans.

7. Add Pockets to Your Dress

Pockets are a vital part of your clothing. And if you want to transform your clothes with fewer efforts, pockets are the best way to do it. So just sewing some new designs or printed pockets on your old denim can do a lot. Or you can try some embroidery as well to make it look handcrafted. Use different color pockets on your jeans for a unique look. It is the simplest way to transform your jeans.

8. Need A Scarf, Use Your Old Sweater

If you love the scarf’s unique designs and want to have something new with old, your old sweater is the best option to do that. If you know how to sew, then you can easily make the best out of that. Sweaters have embroidered designs that can make your scarf look classic. It is a budget way to transform your old clothes into a new fresh scarf. Also, you can use your creativity like you can add buttons on it.

9. Style Up Your Princess Using Your Old Outfits

You can use old clothes and design them for your little princess. Use your old skirt to transform it into a small size skirt for your kid. You can pair it up with other tops and sneakers. Use your creativity on your clothes; try using tie and dye to make your old clothes more colorful for your little ones.


Using your old clothes to style up in a new way is a great way to save money. We have summed up some of the best ways to transform your outfits. Try using some of them and get a fresh new look. You can always use your creativity to make them more stylish and modish.

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