8 Places To Escape City Life Kick Back Camping Near Mumbai

Although the City of Dreams is on the road to new living types, you have to go sideways and pause. It seems like a fun idea to camp near Mumbai, especially when you know the best retreats. The list shows 10 wonderful weekend breaks in Mumbai, ideal for a short getaway. You’re not too far, which means that your leaves or budget don’t have to be affected. But they will definitely deliver an unmatched camping and adventure experience in the natural lap in a totally peaceful setting.

1. Uttan – The Stars’ Camp

In the northern outskirts of the city, Uttan is the most kept secret of Mumbai, a laid back fishing village. While part of the city, the world feels far away from the jungle of concrete.

Uttan is suitable for camping near Mumbai for weekends. Come here and live under the blue sky, eat the most delicious seafood, watch live shows and enjoy some adventure activities.

2. Matheran – the playground of nature

Matheran is like a playground of nature – another great weekend from Mumbai. It’s one of the best places to visit close to Mumbai with lush greenery, tiny hills, and a waterfall. In order to protect the richness of nature, vehicles are prohibited from entering the field.

A toy train from Neral to Matheran used to work earlier. It’s been stopped lately, but in case the service is resumed, Matheran is no longer fun.

3. Kolad – River Kundalika Raft And Swift

Kolad is one of the most tranquil campgrounds near Mumbai on the river rafting tour. Just chirps of colorful birds and babbles of the Kundalika river interrupt the quiet of the beautiful landscape. You won’t find many tourists even at weekends because it is one of the lesser-known places close to Mumbai.

Until check-in, make sure that you do not follow the signals around you with all calls and texts!

4. Malshej Ghat – The Hills Monsoon Campsite

Malshej Ghat is still a green campsite near Mumbai, situated in Western Ghat’s lap, and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. The drizzle and the dung paint lovely scenery and relax the anxious souls with a gentle rise.

You will receive flamingos, cuckoos, and several other colorful birds while you are in Malshey Ghat. This can be your best range when you are searching for a great camping spot near Mumbai.

5. Pawna Lake – Serene Lake Next To A

Just 20 km from the railway station Lonavala, Lake Pawna is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the blissful surroundings of Lonavala during the weekend. In addition to the beautiful weather of Lonavala, Pawna Lake campsite offers tourists peace and quiet, as this location is situated in the forest a short distance from the hill station. For those who would like to wake to see the big lake and the beautiful hills behind it is a perfect place for the best campsite near Mumbai.

6. Gorakhgad – A wake-up call

Gorakhgad is a peaceful fort in the Thane district in Maharashtra. This fort is situated at a considerable elevation and offers spectacular views of the greenery surrounding the hills if you want to camp here. Within the fort, you can find several cisterns of water, some of which have drinking water. You can also discover some caves at the base of the pit while on the campsite. Apart from camping, you can also enjoy the hike up to the fort, which is full of rich vegetation.

7. Panchgani – Embrace of Nature

Panchgani’s famous hill station near Mahabaleshwar is named after its five hills. But its numerous sunset and sunrise spots, together with its panoramic valley views, which can melt your heart at one glance, make it lovely and worth visiting! Panchgani is the ideal place for camping in Mumbai (Maharashtra), situated at 1,334 meters above sea level in the Sahyadri Mountains. This place provides picturesque views of calm and dull hills on one side and fascinating coastal plains on the other during the day.

8. Rajmati – in the middle of the dung-kissed mountains

In the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra, Rajmachi happens to be a minuscule village. Rajmachi is situated in the center of Lonavala and Khandala, two strongholds of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. The fact that this place is totally offbeat and secluded makes it perfect for your dream of the best campsite near Mumbai. You’ll enjoy amazing views of the green hills in the vicinity and spend the weekend in the lap of untouched foliage. If you want more adventure, it takes you about 3-4 hours to climb a complete hike, beginning with the Kondhane caves.

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