8 Different Types Of Translation Service Providing Companies

When it comes to hiring translation service providing firm, then you should find the right company that can fulfill your needs. Did you know that there are different types of translation service providing firms? Well, the field if the translation is wide and vast. In order to fulfill the different translation requirements, the different professional uses different techniques. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss eight different types of translation service providing firms:

1. Technical Translation

The “technical translation” can be described in two different ways:

In a wide sense, technical translation is related to the translation of user manuals, internal notes, financial reports, administrative terms, and so on. The technical documents are used for a specific person of a particular group of audience. In addition to this, the technical documents have limited shelf-line.  

In another way, technical translation can also be described as a translation of “technical” documents like documents of IT firms, engineering documents, electronics, mechanics, etc. Technical translation needs special training, knowledge, and experience. The translation service provider must have in-depth knowledge of the related field, terms, and technology used in the document.

2. Scientific Translation

The scientific translation is a sub-group of the technical translation. It is clear from its name that this form of translation service deals with the translation of content in scientific documents such as research papers, booklets, conference presentations, study reports, etc.

3. Financial Document Translation

The financial document translation deals with the documents related to the bank, stock exchange, and finance. The financial documents include annual accounts, financial contracts, cash flow, etc. This kind of translation service will help in converting the financial documents from one language to another.

4. Legal Document Translation Service  

The legal document translation service can cover the translation of a wide range of documents. The legal document translation includes warrants, and summons are translated by the legal translation service providing professionals. The legal translation service providing professional such as legal translation services in Dubai also help in translation of the administrative texts like registration certificates, remittance drafts, etc. There are some technical documents of the business, like expert opinions are also converted by the legal translation service providing firms.

5. Judicial Translation Services

The judicial translation should not be confused with the legal translation services. The judicial translation refers to the translation of content from one language to another undertaken in a court setting. The judicial translation service providers can easily translate the following docs: Letters rogatory, judgments, minutes of proceedings, expert opinions, etc.

6. Juridical Translation Services

The Juridical translation can be described as the legally-binding documents. For instance, the Juridical translation service help in the translation of the various documents like law-related docs such as regulations and decrees, partnership docs, protocols and conventions, insurance policies, etc. Various other similar types of documents are translated by the juridical translation service providing firms. The juridical service providing professionals must have a strong legal background. Also, they must have attended the proper linguistic training. The linguistic training is necessary so that they can convert the document from one language to another.

7. Certified Translation Service  

The certified translators have special signatures to verify that they have translated the content or verified it. Some documents need legal validation after the translation.  The legal documents after receiving the validation from the certified translation service provider are valid to use for further purposes. The certified translators usually work in court as the juridical translators. These kinds of translators act just like a legal expert. They help in providing the translation service for the civil status docs, divorce docs, deceases, wills, etc.

 8. Literary Translation Services

This type of translation service might be one of the most difficult ones. It is so because the translator must try to provide the semantic content of the original text. In addition to this, the literary translation services provider also face various other difficulties like Polysemic wordplay specific to literary texts. In Literary documents, the writer wants to convey a message in the hidden form. After translating the content, the hidden message should not be eliminated.  

In literary translation service, the professionals face another problem i.e., copying the particular literary style of the author. The literary translators try to copy the similar style of the author while translating the content. The translator must try to copy the rhythm, style, and innate balance.  It is important to consider all these points in literary translation. While translating prose, you should consider these regulations as well. The literary translators work out in the best way to get the desired output after the translation.

Final Words

These are different types of translation services. Before hiring any translation firm, you must understand your needs and requirements so that you can hire the best translation service providing a firm that can help to meet your demands. 

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