8 Different Applications of Stainless Steel Pipes Across Industries

The most demanding industries that use stainless steels are the oil and gas industries that have created a large market for stainless tanks, pipes, pumps and valves as well. Some special grades of stainless steel pipe have been developed to have higher corrosion resistance at a broad range of different temperatures. These are used in desalination plants, sewage plants, offshore oil rigs, harbour supports and ships propellers.

This pipe provides a safe and economical passage for transporting Liquefied Natural Gas to remote areas with high reliability. As such, it’s essential to have the right piping that provides reliable and cheap LNG transport to deliver natural gas to parts of the country or world that are difficult to reach. However these pipes also used for transporting seawater to cool down the reactor as it is safe from the corrosive nature of seawater. Check out this infographic to gain some more insights about the different applications of stainless steel pipes across industries.

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