7 Ways To Increase Website/Blog Traffic

How to increase website/blog traffic, is a question that always plays in the minds of publishers. And rightfully so. If you want the website/blog to be popular and successful.

Maybe there is a secret site, for a secret community. So, it does not require traffic or visits.

And obviously, this paper is not intended for such sites.

But, if you have a website that is beautiful and looks modern? Does it sell products or have services that you know people need? And everything’s still fine and cool! Until you realize that nobody knows about it. So, this article is for you.

But, before we discuss the main material, I will answer some general questions related to how to increase website traffic ;

What is website traffic?

Website traffic is the amount of visitor data sent and received by a site. Or in India terms, commonly called website traffic. However, this does not include the amount produced by bots. Since the mid-1990s, web traffic has become the most important part of the Internet. It talks about the number of visitors and the number of pages accessed.

How do I automatically increase blog traffic?

This question, I read when doing some kind of small research, to determine the keywords ( Keyphrase Focus ) that will be used on this content. The answer to how to automatically increase blog traffic is to use advertisements. You pay for advertising, whether on Google, Facebook or any advertising agency, your blog traffic will automatically increase. With certainty!.

What SEO application to increase web visitor traffic?

There are many tools to help you optimize your website or blog. Especially in SEO optimization to increase web visitor traffic. If you are a WordPress user, there are many SEO plugin options. Like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, and others.

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How To Increase Website Traffic Proven Effective

Understanding how to drive visitors on the internet to your website and make your website popular, through stable traffic, is not that difficult. However, it requires a process. Which is it, is hard work, patience, consistency, and want to learn. This is the basic capital …

And through this basic capital, you can develop and grow into a professional. And quite a lot of people succeed through this path.

Let’s get to the point! Here’s how to increase effective and proven website traffic. Among others are;

1. Prioritize Profitable Website Traffic

Getting more website traffic, is not the final destination. There’s no point in getting more traffic if you don’t see an increase, like in conversions.

You will spend all your time, money and effort, without seeing an increase in sales, requests, or subscriptions.

You might be able to use an application, like a bot, to increase the number of visits. But, what for if it doesn’t give you anything.

Learn how to drive traffic to your website or online store, by tracking metrics related to ROI. Monitor things like total sales on the product landing page, conversions per ad click, and conversion to traffic ratio.

Monitor metrics like likes and sharing, important to some extent. However, it does not directly correlate with earnings. Focusing too much on vanity metrics won’t make you popular; it will make your resources dry.

2. Guest Blog

Want to know how to increase website traffic and make you popular at the same time? One of the most important factors is your backlink profile. The more authority backlinks you have, the higher your rank on Google search. And the more traffic you get too.

You can build a strong profile by guest blogging.

People will let you be a guest writer – this is one of the most important types of content.

You create content for their site. And instead, you get a backlink to your site. And, you get exposure from their audience.

In doing this activity, you should focus on not just backing. You have to create amazing content. That makes website owners happy, readers happy, and you get free and quality backlink.

Yes .. You get quality backlinks because it comes from quality content that you post on their website.

Make sure your guest posts, stay relevant for months, use the long tile keyword, and make it really answer specific questions or problems. What is needed by many people?

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Gone are your days without results, when you expect short keywords. You will be immersed in super fierce competition, including giant websites with high authority.

Competition and changes in Google’s algorithm destroyed the system. Nowadays, it’s all about providing content related to specific and niche requests.

This means you need to use specific keywords and specific niches as well. Don’t just try ranking for the ” best clothes seller ” and vice versa, try to use “office uniforms sellers in South Jakarta.”

There are incredible differences there. I hope, through these focus keyword examples, you can get out of the competition of the elephants, in the wilds of the internet.

Targeting long-tail keywords, also help you stand out. There is lower competition, but you still get high search volume.

This is a win-win situation! As long as you use these keywords correctly.

Unless you are a large company, with large capital investment capabilities. You might be able to use the services of a Professional SEO Service. To optimize your business website. Increase the authority of your site, to become a giant too.

4. Eternal Content

Hoping to generate free traffic from time to time? Create timeless content!

This refers to content that has remained relevant for a long time since you uploaded it. This type of post does not lose its value. And do not depend on things, like current trends. Or pop culture.

Maybe even, get more traction, as time goes by.

Why Does This Help?

You can always share content that is always fresh repeatedly. Other websites and blogs might display it in their posts. People might link it on social media.

Because the content will remain relevant, this cycle can continue! You might have one blog post that went viral. And your site’s popularity will skyrocket through this!

This will turn your site into an authority, for your niche.

Examples of timeless content; ” Stomachache medicine for toddlers “.

Once you post content like that and get ranked in search engines, it will become a source of traffic all the time.

Why? Because throughout human civilization, the drug will always be needed by people. This means that keywords will always be typed in the search engine search box.

About this, I will write specifically, in a separate article. So just wait.

5. Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

How to increase website traffic, it can not be done overnight. Not about increasing raw traffic.

Getting popularity and meaningful traffic can sometimes come from people who have already shown an interest.

After generating interest, make sure you follow up by utilizing email marketing.

Modern email marketing, not like it began many years ago. You must prioritize dynamic and personal messages.

Let’s say your business offers subscriptions for document editor tools that are similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

You can enter personalized information in an e-mail, such as letting recipients know, how many documents they made, or how many words they typed in the last 30 days.

6. Make Use Of Social Media

Social media is not a ranking factor for Google. This means social media does not directly affect SEO.

If so, the point from here, will not solve your problem. But this is still part of the effort to improve your SEO. And increase brand awareness in many wise ways.

For example, you can enter Twitter and share a link to your latest blog post. The link itself won’t affect search engine signals, but you can still display your posts to the hundreds or thousands of people who follow you on Twitter.

If the majority of them click on that link, you already have high-value traffic.

Now imagine, if someone retweeted your post. This means they expose your new blog post to their followers too. This cycle can continue. And this is what makes social media can be a strong factor, in increasing website traffic.

This is a form of modern marketing; the word of mouth advertising. And you can’t ignore it!

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7. Paid Advertising Combined With SEO

More free traffic! Always a part of the job. But, this does not mean, you can only rely on SEO.

You will still struggle, even with the best content, solid guest posting strategies, and smart use of social media platforms.

Enhance your efforts with well-planned paid advertising campaigns.

Set a budget, spend time creating expertly designed ads, and manage your campaigns carefully.

You might need to outsource if you have never handled a PPC campaign before, but this is a worthwhile investment.

Instead of focusing entirely on SEO. Or, entirely on paid advertising campaigns, try to achieve balance. So you can do both.

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